Why Dentists Need Internet Marketing To Get More Clients

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Why Dentist Need Internet Marketing To Get More Clients

Even the best Dentist in Commack need to have a solid marketing plan, if they want to attract more clients. Although recommendations do work, some dentists may not have enough clients to grow their business fast enough to survive and thrive in such a competitive market. This is why they have to set aside a marketing budget and put it to good use. The online environment is more affordable and more flexible than classic TV, print and outdoor advertising, so it is surely the best option of such small businesses. This is why dentists need internet marketing to get more clients. This article is going to take a closer look into this issue and into the advantages a good online marketing plan offers to dentists.

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Position Yourself In The Market

First of all, you have to be aware that all good dentists know their job very well. They are all able to treat cavities and deal with other oral health problems. Moreover, they all use the same tools and maybe the same materials, as there aren’t too many suppliers of such products. Under these circumstances, your positioning on the market can make the difference between you and all other dentists competing for the same clients.

People are attracted to businesses that promise to fulfill their needs. This is why you have to undergo consumer research, in order to understand your target customers and their dental care needs. For instance, you could base your unique selling point and market positioning on the insight that people avoid dentists because they fear pain. By promising them pain-free treatments, you may be able to determine them come to you rather than going to one of your competitors. You need to find out what makes your practice unique, and then communicate this to all people that could be your potential patients.

This is why dentists need internet marketing: to communicate their unique selling proposition and the benefits their patients have. People have to be aware of all these in order to come to you, so you need to find the most effective ways of telling them what makes you their best choice.

Why Use Internet Marketing Over Traditional Forms Of Marketing?

Online marketing is good because it enables you to build a community of loyal fans and followers. TV advertising can’t help you do that, so you need to make use of social media channels, as that’s where your future patients are. It is up to you to bring them on board or let other dentists do it.

The online environment is extremely effective and easy to use. You can answer the questions of your followers on your social media pages or on your blog. You should avoid spreading yourself to thin, so pick only as many channels as you can manage without giving up your sleep. If you prefer Facebook, you should set up a Facebook page for your practice, and invite people to like it and comment on it. Moreover, you could create a group whose members would be able to ask you questions and interact with each other. You can use these tools to educate people by explaining them the benefits of various dental treatments and the dangers of not sticking to a regular dentist visiting schedule.

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What About The Costs?

The other reason why dentists need internet marketing rather than other promotional activities is its relatively low cost. Search engine marketing and Facebook ads campaigns can be excellent sources of inexpensive leads for your business. However, you need to set your objectives the right way and to be able to track your campaigns. This is how you can adjust your ads to bring you the biggest number of qualified leads. As this may be difficult and time consuming, you should consider hiring a internet marketing expert to help you. If you can afford an agency, you should go for it. If not, you can always find a lot of good freelancers who can deliver pretty amazing results. Anyway, these professionals are able to do a much better job than you do. Besides, you should be spending your time treating your patients rather than setting up search engine marketing campaigns.

As the online environment offers excellent flexibility, you should take advantage of it to customize your messages in accordance with the market segments you talk to. If you want to attract mothers to bring their children to you, you have to use a different set of messages and key visuals than in case you want elderly patients who risk to lose their teeth. A marketing and communication expert could help you identify these market segments and develop compelling messages for each of them. This is a simple yet effective method to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Even if you aren’t too skilled at dentistry, you may have the nice surprise of a steady stream of patients, provided you’ve done your marketing right. Nonetheless, you need to be aware that you need to improve your skills very quickly, as your patients may be unhappy with your treatments. If they flood the internet with negative reviews, you’re going to have a very hard time at attracting new people to try your services. Good dentists, however, are going to reap a lot of benefits, as they are going to enjoy a lot of raving reviews published on their Facebook profile or on their Google My Business page. Positive reviews attract people, so these dentists are never going to experience work shortages ever again.


This is basically why dentists need internet marketing, and why some of them manage to have a lot of patients while others fight hard for each new client. It’s up to you to choose your tribe, so be wise and do your best to create a strong online presence for your clinic or private practice. This is one of the best paths to success and to a thriving business. If you are smart enough to invest in advanced technology and in internet marketing activities to boost your online presence, you have all the chances to grow a flourishing practice. If you need a free consultation an analysis of your practice to see what the best internet marketing strategy for you would be please Contact Us and we will give you a video free analysis and action plan.

SEO For Photographers Who Want Success

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SEO For Photographers

SEO For Photographers Who Want Success

SEO For Photographers: Marketing is all about imprinting your brand on the world so that customers can find you. You don’t just want them to find you but instead you want for whenever they think about photography that they thing about you and your company. The goal with all types of marketing is omnipresence, you want to be in all places at one time. SEO can help you achieve this goal.

When most people think about SEO, they just think about a bunch of nerd talk but you can’t really blame it because most SEOs are just nerds who are doing a bunch of techniques to rank a site. The real SEOs, the ones who get really good results are the ones who truly understand marketing and how to draw people, how to make them fans of your photography and how to eventually turn them into your customers. Now that is the type of SEO for photographers shop that we run. It is all about the endgame, getting you more customers, making you popular and building a name for you. All other forms of SEO for photographers is inferior and you should not waste your time on that form of SEO for photographers.

SEO For Photographers

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When a lot of people explain what SEO is most of them simply say that it is creating backlinks, posting articles, playing with tags on a website and adding content. But we know for a fact that in this new age of Google strict regulations that SEO has to be far more than that, matter of fact that is the old school of SEO that Google is now penalizing. What SEO means now is a set of quality measures that draws people to your site, that hits them with great content, that keeps them not only on your site for a long time but that also has them bookmarking your site to comeback again and again. It has them sharing your site with friends via links on social media and good SEO is nothing now days without a strong social media component to it that spreads your image and brand even further out to the masses of people who will become your fan. It is all about striking the internet from every direction, giving people the type of content that they need and love, it is about leaving no stone unturned, it is about giving a full court press and simply dominating your industry with your presence.

You see, SEO for photographers is a competitive sport. There are many photographers to choose from that the average photographer is not in demand and they will not have an impact on potential clients without a strong internet marketing effort that includes doing SEO for photographers. The good thing about photography is that the proof is in the pictures which means that you have instant proof of concept. It isn’t like in other businesses where you have to do a lot of hoop jumping to give yourself social proof and to prove that you are up for the job. With photography it all starts with the quality of your images and the narrative that you are able to tell around it.

Photography is an aspirational type of art and it is all about hope and what people want to tell the world about themselves. Know this, share images that tell this story, explain these things, add a podcast, add a youtube channel of you in action and have people jump into the fantasy of you creating their perfect imagery. This is how you market, this is how you brand, this is how you make people know your name and lust for your service. Having a website is not enough, it is about what you do with that website and what you do around that website. You are in the perfect business to really do something big with internet marketing but you have to have the vision, the desire and be willing to put in some effort.

We know that when you consult with an SEO for photographers type of firm that you expect us to do all the work, and yes we will do a ton of work, but you can’t sit and be idle. You need to also realize that your internet presence is an important part of your business. We can help you create the perfect internet marketing campaign(s) and give you a strategy to run with along with all the other SEO work that we will do but you will need to be an active player and realize that a lot of this stuff you will have to create along side us. When it comes to adding more videos, creating a podcast and such things, we can’t do that for you. Yes, we can organize, script, upload and create the structure around it but you have to do the work.

When it comes to who we wish to work with, we hope to work with people who are serious about their craft, photographers who want to be big, photographers who are willing to step from behind the camera and truly step in front of their work. People in this day of lifestyle brands, yes, photographers represent a lifestyle brand, people want to know who they are doing business with, they want to see that you have a personality, that you do great work, that you are easy to work with and that you are someone who they can trust. They want to build a relationship with you online before they trust you to document various aspects of their lives. This is why marketing on all levels is so important because it allows you to create rapport, it allows you to have a 24/7 presence on the internet so that whenever a potential customer is interested in a photographer, they will be able to find your work. This is why you do SEO, social media, video and audio marketing because you want a presence on the internet that extends past the usual.

If this is what you want to become, if you want to become a big deal, if you want to create a name for yourself and become a brand that people think of when they think about photography, then you need to hire a full service firm like ours who can make all of this happens. We do not half-step when it comes to marketing and the only speed we know is 250 MPH because that is the only way to help take you to the top of your industry. It is the only way to make your name synonymous with your industry. It is the only way for when people hear photographer they think of your name, the videos they saw, the images they saw and how active you are on the internet. It is all about flooding the internet with your greatness. You have to be up for the ride because we know that we are and we know what we can do for a determined photographer who really wants to be a big deal and who wants to reach their potential. If you are that type of photographer we are going to make a perfect fit.

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SEO For Photographers

Search engine optimization beyond the basics, beyond run-of-the-mill, and for something that really works this the right service for you. We specialize in getting good results. We specialize in real marketing and not just techniques. We specialize in branding, attracting marketing, value marketing, lifestyle marketing and drawing people to you. It is about getting people to know who you are because obscurity is why most photographers do not reach their potential. People have to know you and your work to do business with you and that is what we will give you– People knowing that you exist, that you do a great job and that you deserve their business.

Forget thinking that this is going to be turnkey or set and forget because it will not be. Nothing that is worth the effort is ever going to be. With SEO you are turning your website , social media pages and all web properties into a true web asset that will bring you new fans and customers week after week. That is the goal of expert marketing and SEO. It is the only type of internet marketing that is ever worth doing so it is the type that you should seek.

Realize that not all SEO companies are the same, they definitely are not all created the same. Some really travel the loneliest mile, the extra mile, where they truly go to work to give you a total service that will be successful. Is that not what you deserve? We think so, we think all of our clients deserve them and that is what we promise to each and every last one of them. It is what we promise you, the hardest working SEO agency in the universe who truly understands how to run a long reaching and lasting campaign.

It is all about marketing not just SEO tactics. SEO done right is all about marketing and marketing is far reaching. It is what will allow you to get a lot of customers, a lot of new fans and a ton of new business. From day one we begin to strategize the perfect plan that is unique to your business, that is based on what you already have, what it needs to become and what needs to become created for you. This is the proper way to start a SEO marketing plan to ensure long term success for the rest of your career.

SEO is the marketing technique that keeps on giving. The right reason to do SEO is because you want a long term strategy to bring your business year after year. The great thing is that quality SEO is an investment that will pay for itself. It is one of those fundamental and foundational things that every company who wants business from the internet needs to do. It isn’t something you should do, it is something that any company who dreams of being successful has to do. It is a must for any company who wants an internet presence.

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There are many wrong ways to do SEO for photographers and only a few right ways to do it. We focus on the right ways to do it. The path to successful SEO is narrow but those who offer to do it are many. Focus on those companies who will tell you the truth and who can help you get the results that you want. We can definitely give you what you want and that is a greater internet presence and more business from the internet. We specialize in doing just that and we are great at what we do.

So contact us if you want to do business with the best SEO company. A company who knows that they are doing and who can help you get the results that you need. A company who can help you get fame, recognition, who can make you popular and who can help you reach so many more people. We can help you do all of the above. It is all about making the biggest impact and SEO is just one of many tools that we will use to get you these results. We have many methods that we use to get you the success that you deserve.

As you can now see, we are the right SEO company for the job. More importantly we are the best marketing firm for the job. Our skills stretch way past just SEO and into all forms of marketing. We understand people and how to attract them to your website. We are marketers first and all other things second. We are the type of company who serious companies hire when they are seeking results from their efforts, when they want to dominate the internet and make themselves know. Let us do that for you and show you what we can do, fill out our Discovery Form and get a FREE video analysis of your site.

Need Help With Your SEO? Fill out our discovery form for a FREE video analysis of your business. http://superstarseo.com/discovery-form/

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2017 in Myrtle Beach

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Check out these fun St. Patrick's Day events in Myrtle Beach! - Myrtle Beach, SC
Check out these fun St. Patrick’s Day events in Myrtle Beach!

Feelin’ lucky? Well you definitely are lucky if you’re spending St. Patrick’s Day in Myrtle Beach this year! Whether you are Irish by blood or not, attending any of these Myrtle Beach events will have anyone feeling the spirit of the Irish!

Do you know of anything going on for St. Patrick’s Day that you don’t see listed below? Just send us an email to [email protected], and we will gladly add your event to the list!

Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

Top Sandwich Shops and Delis in Myrtle Beach

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Dagwood's Deli piles mounds of meat, cheese and toppings on their sandwiches at both Myrtle Beach area locations. - Myrtle Beach, SC
Dagwood’s Deli piles mounds of meat, cheese and toppings on their sandwiches at both Myrtle Beach area locations.

Sandwiches are a beach day staple for just about everyone. With hundreds of options around Myrtle Beach, it’s tough to narrow down the selections. We surveyed thousands of people in the 2016 Myrtle Beach Awards (AKA The #Beachies) at the end of last year and dozens of restaurants were mentioned. The list includes everything from top brand name delis to great local spots to discover on your next beach vacation.

Here are the voters’ Top 10 favorite places to get a sandwich along the Grand Strand.

Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

What’s Trending in #MyrtleBeach? Tourism News for March 2, 2017

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Check out the Myrtle Beach Marathon this weekend! - Myrtle Beach, SC
Check out the Myrtle Beach Marathon this weekend!

What’s Trending is a weekly rundown of the hottest tourism news being shared on social media using #myrtlebeach. For even more updates on what’s happening around the beach check out our weekly events rundown and our photos of the week or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for daily updates!

Warm up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon this weekend, get the scoop on one of your favorite Myrtle Beach seafood restaurants, learn about a cool new attraction, and much more in this week’s What’s Trending!

Here’s a look at What’s Trending for March 2, 2017:


Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

Sea Captain’s House Renovations for 2017

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 - Myrtle Beach, SC

The beloved Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach has been serving fresh seafood to hungry customers for over 50 years, and the locally famous restaurant has decided to make a few changes to the establishment. For 2017, the folks at Sea Captain’s House agreed on sprucing up the restaurant that is loved by locals and vacationers from all over.

While changes are still occurring at Sea Captain’s House and will be for about another month or so, we sat down with General Manager Sheryl Saito to get the scoop about what’s going on.

Renovations at Sea Captain’s House include exterior and interior changes that keep the classic spirit of the restaurant alive, while brightening things up a little.

•The exterior of the Sea Captain’s House has been completely repainted, and a new fence has been put up for beautification. The outdoor front lawn has been changed to make it more attractive and accessible to customers. A new sign has also been ordered, but won’t arrive for another 4-6 weeks or so.

•The interior of the restaurant has been completely repainted, and all carpet has been replaced with hardwood flooring.  Tables and chairs throughout the restaurant will be replaced in about 4-6 weeks, and the Carolina Room will get banquettes, new lighting, and artwork.

•In addition, all three fireplaces are now working, providing a comfy ambiance and warmth during the cooler months. The bar area will also be seeing changes soon, as the current furniture will be replaced with high tables and new chairs. Kitchen staff members are also very happy with new equipment and fresh paint.

•Sea Captain’s House provides beautiful views of the Myrtle Beach oceanfront, and guests can enjoy eating outside on beautiful days on the newly renovated patio. The patio has been expanded with new pavers all the way to the building, providing more space for guests and live music on select days.

Head on over to Sea Captain’s House to see the changes now, or in about a month or so, and enjoy delectable meals made with fresh seafood, fresh fruit, and always the freshest ingredients around.

Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

Best Spring Break 2017 Nightlife in Myrtle Beach

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 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Now that spring weather has arrived on the Grand Strand, along with it comes droves of visitors looking to celebrate the annual rite of passage known as Spring Break. 2017 in Myrtle Beach is a great year to visit, as there are plenty of new things to check out, and as always many of the area’s bars, clubs and nightlife spots are rolling out the red carpet to cater to spring breakers looking for a good time.

Of course, our area has been a haven for bikini-clad partiers for many years, but recently Myrtle Beach has racked up a few endorsements from those in the know. A couple of years ago, DatingAdvice.com listed us #5 on its list of “19 Sexiest Spring Break Destinations” citing places like Hotel Blue among the sexiest places to stay and placing the Grand Strand above popular spring break spots like Daytona Beach and Fort Myers on its list.

Also getting in on the act Coed.com has rated Myrtle Beach #3 on its list of “America’s Top 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations.” Although this may sound like a bad thing, when you realize “trashiest” is really just code for “most fun” it’s no wonder or warm water, cheap drinks and selection of activities got us ranked above places like Virginia Beach, Destin and South Padre Island. 

Even the readers of USA Today got in on the fun, by voting Myrtle Beach #1 in the 10 Best Readers’ Choice Poll for “Best Spring Break Destinations.” Recognized by readers for its family-friendly atmosphere — a testament to the fact that the area can be both fun for families and party people — Myrtle Beach beat out nominees such as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,Cancun and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

But regardless of whether you and your crew are looking to go completely wild and party or just enjoy a few days of beachfront relaxation and enjoy some of the best things to do, there’s plenty ways to enjoy Spring Break 2015 in Myrtle Beach.

Here’s a look at some of the best parties, bars and nightlife places to check out this spring break:


Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

Exclusive Announcement: Country Duo to Kick Off CCMF Festival

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 - Myrtle Beach, SC

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.  ━ Country Duo Montgomery Gentry will kick off this year’s Carolina Country Music Festival, MyrtleBeach.com announced Friday morning.

The McDonald’s® Thursday Night Kick-Off Concert Powered by MyrtleBeach.com and presented by Carolina Cool will be held Thursday, June 8, ahead of the three-day CCMF.

With millions of albums sold worldwide, 11 studio albums, 20 singles and an induction to the Grand Ole Opry, Montgomery Gentry is a fixture in country music. 

CCMF is gifting nearly $500,000 in complimentary kick-off concert tickets to anyone who purchased General Admission tickets in advance.

Likewise, any three-day General Admission tickets purchased by Friday, March 10 at 11:59 p.m.will also include free admission to the McDonald’s® Thursday Night Kick-Off Concert Powered by MyrtleBeach.com.

“The kick-off concert is a great opportunity for attendees to get a sneak peek of the festival space before gates open Friday – it’s an unforgettable party,” said Bob Durkin, President of Full House Productions.

Single day tickets to the McDonald’s® Thursday Night Kick-Off Concert Powered by MyrtleBeach.com are available for $39.

The festival had previously announced the event’s headlining acts: Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and Darius Rucker. Additional acts include Big & Rich, Billy Currington, Lee Brice, Luke Combs and Kevin Mac. Tickets can be purchased at http://po.st/EnpsWB

Single tickets to the McDonald’s® Thursday Night Kick-Off Concert Powered by MyrtleBeach.com will be available to local residents for a discounted rate of $19 per ticket with an ID as proof of address, and can purchased at the following locations: The Bowery, 110 Ninth Ave. N.; ART
Burger Sushi Bar, 706 N. Ocean Blvd.; Chemist, 300 Ninth Ave. N.; Gordo Taco’s, 214 Ninth Ave N.; Noisy Oyster, 101 S. Kings Hwy.


Carolina Country Music Fest (CCMF), the Southeast’s premier outdoor country music fest, is located on the shores of Myrtle Beach. A unique blend of today’s country headliners and up-and-comers, CCMF is host to the industry’s biggest stars. With the combination of country music and the scenic Myrtle Beach backdrop, this family-friendly, three-day fest is a summer vacation

Full House Productions is a premier entertainment and production company specializing in the restaurant, nightlife, entertainment and hospitality industries. From producing concerts with the music industry’s biggest stars to partnering with restaurants and bars to achieve their marketing goals, Full House Concerts, a division of Full House Productions, is a full service event production company experienced in planning, marketing and executing concerts, festivals and special events. Since 1998, FHP has produced over 500 events in over a dozen cities around the United States with a leadership team comprised of experienced, innovative, unique and talented individuals.

With over 4 million visitors a year, MyrtleBeach.com is the premier online viewing and planning guide for vacations, business retreats and leisure activities in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The site has complete profiles for over 600 hotels, resorts, restaurants and attractions in and around Myrtle Beach. MyrtleBeach.com is the parent company for subsidiary websites, including
MyrtleBeachHotels.com, PawleysIsland.com and NorthMyrtleBeachHotels.com.

Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

What’s Trending in #MyrtleBeach? Tourism News for February 23, 2017

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The Langston Home is one of the six gorgeous homes that will be featured in this year's Spring Tour of Homes! - Myrtle Beach, SC
The Langston Home is one of the six gorgeous homes that will be featured in this year’s Spring Tour of Homes!

What’s Trending is a weekly rundown of the hottest tourism news being shared on social media using #myrtlebeach. For even more updates on what’s happening around the beach check out our weekly events rundown and our photos of the week or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for daily updates!

Have what it takes to sing in front of a crowd? Then we have cool news for you in this week’s What’s Trending! Plus, get the scoop on a new grocery store, a family-friendly event, new flights, and more.

Here’s a look at What’s Trending for February 23, 2017:


Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

Hotels Near the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

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The SkyWheel quickly became a major landmark in Myrtle Beach and attracts thousands of riders each year. - Myrtle Beach, SC
The SkyWheel quickly became a major landmark in Myrtle Beach and attracts thousands of riders each year.

The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel opened in May of 2011 and has quickly become a top attraction in the area. Located along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, the wheel is open year-round and offers amazing views of the Grand Strand day or night.

If you’re planning a trip to the area, check out some of these great hotels within walking distance of the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel.

Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog

Myrtle Beach Hotel Deals for March

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Captain's Quarters is a family-friendly hotel with great deals for March. - Myrtle Beach, SC
Captain’s Quarters is a family-friendly hotel with great deals for March.

Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to kick off spring, and March is an excellent time to visit the beach! Visitors will find many great hotel deals in March, including free nights and discounts on their stays. 

Whether you’re looking for a spring break getaway or to get back to the beach before the busy summer season, consider a hot March deal to get you started on planning your perfect beach trip. 

Here are some of the best hotel deals we’ve seen for March: 

Source: Myrtlebeach.com Blog