Multifaceted monthly SEO service which will help your site get to the
top spots in Google and other search engines in no time!


Advanced Link Building Strategy

The Superstar SEO DFY service comes packed with high quality link building methods that are a result of ongoing testing in order to make sure that you get the best results regardless of how the Google algorithm changes over time.

This service is designed in such a way that we’re able to improve your ranking while keeping your sites and business safe.

Each of the methods we use here have been tested extensively.

The links we build are as safe as it can get when it comes to building links.

Our strategy is designed not just to get you to the first page, but also to keep you there!

Just like search engines evolve, evolve. We stay up to date with the latest techniques and strategies to make sure you continue to get the results you DESERVE.


Positive ROI From Your SEO

Whether you’re an offline business with an online presence, an affiliate marketer trying to rank sites to generate commissions, or an agency wanting to relieve themselves of the SEO burden our main aim is to take the burden of your off page SEO off of you.

Our packages are designed to keep your costs low, while making sure that you’re getting results for every campaign

Massive Diversity Built-in

The Superstar SEO DFY service diversity comes with tons of diversity and ranking power which you seldom get to see in typical SEO services.

This is being done to make sure that your site gets enough link juice to help propel the site to top of Google and other search engines.

While keeping the link profile as diverse and natural as possible.

With this service, you will get to see a large variety of high quality links, all of them handmade with absolute care and precision.

This package indeed is a ranking powerhouse!

Extensive Reporting And A Professional Team

Entrusting an unknown company without a proven track record to rank your sites is not a good idea.

When you look for a professional SEO company, one of the foremost things to look for, is the agency’s ability to setup, execute and deliver results on a consistent basis in a truly professional manner.

When you opt for Superstar SEO, you can be sure that each link to your site is being built by a professional SEO team with tons of experience in ranking sites.

We’re a 50+ member team growing at an enormous pace with our own office and strong infrastructure to scale fast.

You’re dealing with a truly professional company here!

Reporting Included

Extensive reporting is an important, useful feature of Superstar SEO that you don't get with other companies.

We enable you to pass on these reports to your clients without even having to edit them.

Yes, we provide white-labelled reports as well, if you need them.

We document every single link being built for you, and our reports will contain details of those, including login details to properties which you will own once you receive your reports.

Here's What Comes With





Personal SERP Tracker

Track your rankings from the beginning of your campaign throughout the entire course of it.

Anchor Text and Semantic Analysis

We analyze your anchor text profile to make sure we know the best way to link to your site.

Onsite Recommendation Report

We will give you our suggestions on how to best optimize your site.


Competitor Analysis

We will analyze your competition so we know who we are going to be outranking!

DAS Profiles

We build high authority profiles or "DAS" profiles to raise the overall power of your domain

High Quality Handmade Blog Comments

Handmade blog comments made on highly trusted websites will give you tons of link juice!

Authority Niche Edits

Links on high quality, extremely relevant posts on sites with real traffic.

Essential Social Accounts

We build out the social accounts that you need in order to get your brand and site the trust it needs

High Quality Social Signals

Social signals are an important ranking factor now and you’re not going to miss those here!

Guest Posting

We do real outreach to real bloggers in your niche and get posts on powerful sites that get real traffic.

Our Prices

Frequently Asked

1Do you use new sites each month?
Of course, we use unique properties each month and your site will be getting link juice from different domains hosted on different IPs every month.
2How much time does it take to finish a campaign?
As you’d have noticed, this is a monthly service which means we will work for your site every day of the week except on weekends. You will receive reports as soon as we reach the end of each month.
3Do you provide reports?
Of course, we do. We will send detailed reports listing down all the links we’ve built for you along with login details wherever they’re available. For the private blog posts though, we will be sending only a partial screenshot report to keep them safe for everyone, including you!
4Can I review the PR before it goes out?
Yes, you can. We will send you the press release for review and once you approve, the PR will be submitted for syndication.
5Are all niches accepted?
We can work on all the niches except the ones below:

buying likes/followers etc for social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube.
Clickbank/ClickSure hoplinks or relevant websites selling products on get rich quick schemes, forex trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives.
Escort services
Adult products
Anything scammy.

We also reserve the right to reject any site for any reason without explanation.
6Can I provide my own content?
Yes, you can provide your own content.
7Can I see samples?
Sure, please get in touch for samples.