January 30, 2019

How To Calculate Your Freelance Average Hourly Rate (and What It Should Be)

How To Calculate Your Freelance Average Hourly Rate (and What It Should Be) Last week, we took an in-depth look at some handy tips for financial planning for freelancers. In that post, we touched briefly on charging what your worth. Finding prices that are both fair to you and the market can be difficult, but it's an integral skill if you are planning to make it as an entrepreneur. So in this post we are going to share ways to calculate your current freelance average hourly rate and how to find out what it needs to be to live the life you want. Why You Need To Calculate Your Freelance Average Hourly Rate Whether you are freelancing as a side hustle or […]
January 23, 2019
financial planning for freelancers

Financial Planning for Freelancers

Financial Planning for Freelancers As a freelancer, you enjoy all of the freedoms that come with being your own boss. But one aspect of working for yourself always turns out to be trickier than you expected: finances. Not only are you responsible for HR matters like setting aside money for taxes, but you also have to deal with the struggles of a much less predictable income stream than the typical 9-to-5 employee. So before you pull your hair out or have a finance induced anxiety attack, take a deep breath and let our guide to financial planning for freelancers keep you on track. Separate Your Bank Accounts When you first started freelancing, you may have never dreamed that it would […]
January 16, 2019
Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs

Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs: 5 Freelancer Hacks To Get More Work Done

Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs: 5 Freelancer Hacks To Get More Work Done   Whether you’re freelancing full time or just working it as a side hustle, managing your own ability to get work done is paramount to your success. Without a boss to crack the whip or a quarterly progress report to file, the only thing motivating you to get down to business is yourself. That’s why we assembled our Legiit list of productivity tips for entrepreneurs These freelancer hacks aren’t a checklist for everyone to follow to the letter. The beauty of working for yourself is that you get to set your own rules. As an entrepreneur, you know that you don’t fit into the same mold as everyone else. […]
January 8, 2019
How to Know If Freelancing Is Right for You

How to Know If Freelancing Is Right For You

How to Know If Freelancing Is Right for You Do you work a regular desk job, playing the 9 to 5 routine until the weekend rolls around? Or maybe you’re worse off, and have to work off hours or the night shift. Perhaps you make minimum wage and can barely get by. Or you may have climbed the ladder pretty high in your company, but the hefty paycheck means you’re on call every hour of the day and still have someone higher up that you need to answer too. All these reasons and more turn everyday Joes and Janes towards the freelancing path. They want to be in charge of their own destiny, fire their boss, and choose their own […]