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Google Helpful Content Update

google helpful content update

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Google Helpful Content Update: Everything We Know So Far

On August 18th, 2022 Google announced on Twitter through the Google Search Liaison account that next week it will be rolling out the Google ‘Helpful Content' Algorithm Update.

In the test of the tweet they stated:

“Next week, we will launch the ‘helpful content update' to better ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, rather than content made primarily for search engine traffic. Learn more & advice creators should consider:

Then linked to their blog

picture of a tweet with the google robot mascot being handed a flower

Later that day they tweeted another update:

“Our ‘helpful content update' launching next week will better surface original, helpful content made by people, for people, rather than content made primarily to gain search traffic. It’s part of a broad effort to show more unique, authentic info in results”

With another blog link

google search lisaison tweet with a link to the google blog of a man holding a cell phone


What Do We Know About The Google Helpful Content Update So Far?

The Google helpful content update will make it easier to find original, helpful content made by people, for people, not search engines.

That's all they have told us so far, and anything else is speculation for the time being.

How Will The Google Helpful Content Update Affect Me?

We don't know yet. Details are still sparse so again everything is just speculation, and Google has a history of saying an update will do one thing, but it actually does another.

That said, what they have said so far makes it sound like they will be largely targeting Ai generated content from tools like Jasper, and content that doesn't really provide any value people doing searches, but is well optimized for search engines.

A great example of this is when you Google something to get a simple answer like “star trek discovery season 5 release date” and the first organic result other than Wikipedia makes you read its 6th paragraph to find out “We don't know yet”. All of which is there to please search engines, and keep people on the site longer in hopes they will click an ad.

So basically, if Google is to be believed if your site has human written content that answers a searchers questions quickly, easily, and accurately it should fare well.

If not… it may not do so well.

But again this is all just speculation until it actually rolls out completely.

What Should I Do About The Google Helpful Content Update?

Nothing for now. Best to just let what will happen, happen then adapt as best as possible.


Google has been quite aggressive with it's updates over the last year, and it's clear they aren't slowing down now.

I would argue that they haven't done a great job and search results have regressed in that time… but I also get what a complex, complicated thing this is for them and how people will keep manipulating it regardless, so I am not without understanding.

For now just sit tight and see what happens, then check back here when we have more information.

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