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Legiit is the future of digital service marketplaces, and the fastest growing marketplace in the world.

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Hosted by Superstar SEO Founder Chris M. Walker The Profiit Academy Podcast features the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the world lending their insights and experience to help you make the most out of your business and skills.


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Real Business and Marketing Insights From A Real Entrepreneur

Be The First To Get Daily Insights From My Business Newsletter the who’s-who of SEO experts that read my marketing newsletter

Superstar SEO - More Than Just SEO

Superstar SEO


My name is Chris M. Walker. I am the founder and CEO of Superstar SEO.

Superstar SEO began in 2013 as a concept for a software product review blog. (Read my entire origin story here)

It has been a constant evolution since then. From an SEO agency helping businesses around the world rank #1 and explode their online visibility.

To a freelance SEO services store helping other people in the SEO business take care of their clients…

To a springboard from which I launched multiple successful businesses including:

  • Legiit – The fastest growing platform in the world for freelancers to offer their skills to the businesses that need them

  • Superstar Academy – An online training academy that teaches entrepreneurs and digital marketers the skills they need in order to succeed in business

  • Superstar SEO Software – Software offerings to give SEOs and digital marketers an edge over their competition or automate tedious tasks to free up time.

  • Chris M. Walker Consulting – Offering business owners personalized One-On-One guidance on how to take their already established business to new heights.

  • The Profiit Academy – A brand designed for helping entrepreneurs grow and learn from the most successful entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry

..and who knows what else in the future.

In addition, Superstar SEO and Chris M. Walker are committed to bringing massive value to the digital marketing and SEO community through their – Blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Group, Instagram, and various other places across the internet

Chris M. Walker Superstar SEO
Me trying to look professional but still fun!

Superstar SEO has been an incredible journey, and one that is really still just getting started, check back often for the latest in digital marketing and SEO information, interviews with industry leaders, and much more.

If you would like to work with Chris M. Walker or Superstar SEO use the chat box on this page, send us a message, or fill out an application and we will see how we can best work together.

At Superstar SEO we truly believe it is our moral obligation to help as many people and businesses as we can see their potential become reality, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Chris M. Walker – CEO Superstar SEO