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MarketMuse Review

Marketmuse review

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MarketMuse Review For Writing And Editing Content In 2022

As a content marketer, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your content strategy. MarketMuse is one of those tools that can be a great addition to your arsenal in 2022. It promises to help you write and edit better content.

But let's see in more detail if it's truly worth it.

What Is MarketMuse, And How Do You Use it?

There's no doubt that creating high-quality, engaging content is essential for any business that wants to succeed online.

But it can be a real challenge to produce original, well-written material consistently.

That's where MarketMuse comes in.

MarketMuse is a cloud-based content planning solution that can help content marketers, writers, agencies, publishers, and e-commerce companies get the most out of their online content.

Using algorithms and AI, MarketMuse automatically scans a company's existing content and compares it to similar material on other websites.

Based on these comparisons, the software provides suggestions for improvement.

It does this by analyzing a company's existing content and suggesting ways to make it more thorough and engaging, which in turn can improve search engine rankings.

This can help reduce the amount of time it takes to research and edit new content.

It's the best tool for medium-to-large agencies and brands that are seeking to create a highly effective content marketing strategy based on hard data.

What is marketmuse?
What is marketmuse?

The Most Popular Features Of MarketMuse

As mentioned above, MarketMuse helps you research, optimize and write the best articles possible by comparing your content with other top competitors.

It provides internal and external link suggestions, making sure you're answering the questions people are asking in your FAQs.

It can help create an automated content brief and even write entire articles for you!

So, its features include:

1. Research. This is perfect for keyword research because it also shows you variations of your keyword – perfect for a smooth flow in your articles.

2. Compete. This tab is great for market and content research. After you enter a keyword, it shows you the top articles ranked on Google for that keyword.

3. Optimize. After writing your article, the software suggests changes, other keywords, or the article's length so that it's better optimized for the search engines.

4. Questions. This feature is perfect if you want to include an FAQ section in your article. Or if you simply want to know what questions people are asking for a particular topic.

5. Connect. This feature suggests sources you can include as links in your content, so you can connect your article with relevant sources online.

MarketMuse Plans And Pricing

MarketMuse offers 3 types of packages, and you can choose one according to your requirements. The good news is that it offers a free trial.

  1. Free package. It offers 15 monthly queries and 10 total projects
  2. The standard package. This plan costs you $600 monthly, and you get one seat, 100 queries/month and unlimited projects.
  3. The premium package. This plan will cost you $1000/month, and you will get 25 seats, unlimited queries and projects, as well as content audits and domain analysis on top of everything else.
Marketmuse review pricing plans
Marketmuse review pricing plans

As you can see, these packages are a bit expensive, making them a great choice only for businesses and organizations that will use this tool every day for researching and creating content.

It's not a great choice if you are just starting out on your content writing journey or if you as a freelancer.

However, if you are not sure, the free plan may be a great starting point, and it can even be enough if you don't have much need for it every single day.

But if you are still wondering for a great alternative, I can advise you to try

It is much cheaper, starting at $44.99, and it creates much more accurate content briefs, including topics, headings, Statistics, and SERP.

And there are no credit limits like with MarketMuse.

MarketMuse Pros

  • It is a great tool for article and content optimization.
  • It scans thousands of articles and picks out only the most relevant results
  • You can find the right topics, backed by data-driven research
  • Great for identifying content gaps compared to your competitors
  • The free plan is somewhat generous since it gives you access to all the MarketMuse applications and features for a month

MarkeMuse Cons

  • It's a little bit pricey for most people or small businesses; unless you plan to use it massively, or otherwise, they won't be able to justify the cost
  • If you are in a niche industry, the content briefs may not be the best
  • It's not the most intuitive tool out there, but you can quickly get the hang of it
  • You get limited queries and credits unless you choose the premium package.


If you are a Blogger in 2022, then MarketMuse would prove to be a super useful tool for your work.

If you wish to grow your blog and rank high on Google SERP, then you should definitely utilize the standard or the premium package.

Not only would MarketMuse help you conduct in-depth research and write better articles, but it also grows your readership by following the best SEO practices.

While the price can be a huge turn off for most beginners, the free plan is a great way to start your career as a junior content writer as it is one of the best and most generous free trials out there.


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