June 22, 2018
Legiit Featured Service Of The Week

Legiit Featured Service Of The Week – A Complete List

May 15, 2018

Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives 2019

Fiverr Alternatives Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives 2019 Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives 2019: Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, odds are you’ve heard of Fiverr. You know, the online marketplace that promises “Freelance services. On demand.” Starting at just five bucks a pop, freelance workers offer their services in anything from copywriting to link building to logo design (We even found one seller who will play Overwatch with you!). Business owners, internet marketers, and entrepreneurs of all sorts flock to Fiverr in droves to find affordable freelancers they can outsource work to. In fact, since its birth in 2010, Fiverr has grown into the largest freelance marketplace in the world. However, there’s a reason that Fiverr has a rating […]
May 5, 2018

Local SEO Roadmap

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April 1, 2018

Chris M. Walker Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Chris M. Walker Ask Me Anything (AMA) #1 1/26/2018 Transcription: Everybody, let me know if you can hear me and see me. I’ll give everybody a few minutes to sign on. I realize that this is not going to be ideal. I don’t have the right setup. I’m reconfiguring my apartment at the moment, but we’ll get through these bumps this time and we’ll make this a nice thing in the future.   See there were  a couple of questions earlier on. Kieran says, “I have two businesses that I want to rank high on Google Business. Will it affect me if both businesses have the same address? They’re completely different businesses, plumbing and web design, with different phone numbers. […]