December 2, 2018
Freelancing For Millennials

Freelancing For Millennials: Why And How This Underrated Generation Is Crushing It By Being Their Own Boss

Freelancing For Millennials   We all know the stereotypes: living in mom’s basement, working at Starbucks with six figures in student loan debt, no motivation, no drive, no ability to think critically. While the world has created all sorts of reasons to not give the generation a chance, freelancing for millennials has offered them an opportunity to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and banish the stereotypes to the land of myth and legend. So while the “older and wiser” generations get a nice chuckle from the release of Monopoly for Millennials as they lecture youngin’s about the value of a hard day’s work, this underrated age range is building their own path to success through freelance work. But why is freelancing […]
October 6, 2018
Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs – Where to Find Them

Where To Find Freelance Writing Jobs If you are ready to become a freelance writer and start looking for freelance writing jobs, you may not know where to start. You hear lots of chatter about why freelance writing is such a good job, how it is easy to get into and to make lots of money. Unfortunately, what you don’t always hear about is just how hard it can be to actually find freelance writing jobs. Not only that, you may be able to the find jobs, but the barrier to entry in this industry can be tough as competition is stiff. You can find yourself bidding on or competing for jobs with other writers who have already established credibility, […]
September 26, 2018
How To Find Consistent Freelance Work

How To Find Consistent Freelance Work

How To Find Consistent Freelance Work   Freelancers have it made, right? You get to be your own boss. Work when you want. Where you want. The only thing standing between you and financial freedom is your own work ethic. Right? That’s the dream at least, and many freelancers really do find the freedom they couldn’t find in a day job by selling their own services online. But just because it’s achievable doesn’t mean it’s quick or easy. The number one issue faced by most entrepreneurs looking to fire their boss or create a healthy side hustle is how to find consistent freelance work. They have the skills, they have the gumption, but they just don’t have the clients. Especially […]
September 6, 2018

SEO Glossary Of Terms

SEO Glossary This is an ongoing project to create an SEO glossary. The primary purpose is to be a tool for Supsrstar SEO Academy members to assist in their  SEO training but it can also be a valuable resource and reminder for anyone doing SEO to help understand or remind themselves what a term means. I will be adding to this over time as well as improving the visual appearance of it and adding those sweet sweet affiliate links 😀 If you would like to contribute Send Me An Email and tell me what you would like to add, or what I got wrong. Let's Dive in! A Working SEO Glossary Of Terms 301 A way to permanently redirect one […]