Systematizing The SEO Process

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“Can I please have a checklist of what to do every month for SEO?”

👆🏻 super common question I get from customers and students.

While SEO is as much an art form as it is a science… it is important to have a system you can use to duplicate results for your clients.

This week I am going to cover, step-by-step the process I use for my private clients, my white label clients, and that we use in Superstar SEO Academy to get results time and time again.

I am going to show you a step-by-step breakdown including:

✅ Where to start

✅ What I do every month for the first 3 months

✅ The exact order to follow

✅ The on-page, social, and link building strategies to use

✅ Some people you can outsource tasks to as needed.

✅ Where to get unlimited free pizza slices 🍕*

✅ *That last one isn't true

Look SEO isn't a static thing, and every SERP and campaign is different and you will need to adapt at times… but if you have a blueprint of fundamentals to follow, and a system you can put every site through a lot of the battle is already over.

Phase 1:

Social Profiles:


Web 2.0:

Foundation Links:


Social Signals:

Phase 2:


Press Release:

Social Profiles:

Web 2.0:

Social Signals:

Phase 3:

Guest Post:

Niche Edit:



Done For You Service:

Full Presentation

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