Keyword Research

April 8, 2019
keyword research tips

5 Quick Keyword Research Tips and Tricks

Keyword research is like any other type of brainstorming. You can never have too many techniques to choose from. So whether you’ve run out of ideas for a blog that’s been running for years, or you are just looking to expand your understanding of how to find keywords—this list of quick keyword research tips and tricks should have something for everybody. First Things First: Keyword Research Is More Than Metrics Before we jump into the list of keyword research tips, one thing to understand about is that keyword research isn’t always about finding the terms with the “best” metrics. While some metrics can help you determine what will be easy to rank for and what will be profitable, a big […]
March 30, 2019
long tail keywords for seo

Long Tail Keywords for SEO: What They Are and How To Use Them

Keyword research is one of the first steps of any successful SEO campaign. One pitfall that a lot of people fall into, however, is focusing too much on the high competition keywords that are difficult to rank for. They get mesmerized by a high search volume, and fail to take into account just how hard it will be to get in front of those 57,000 searchers every month. And they don’t even consider if the keyword suggests any sort of profitable intent from the searcher.     The solution to the keyword research woes is using long tail keywords for SEO. These low hanging fruit are easy to compete for and generally convert better than shorter keywords. In this post, […]
March 25, 2019
what is keyword cannibalization

What Is Keyword Cannibalization and What Can You Do About It?

In our guide to keyword research made easy, we offered a straightforward approach that anyone can get started with. While that guide is perfect for the beginner SEO, it did skip over some of the more advanced aspects of keyword research. One of those is keyword cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization worth knowing about before you get too far into your SEO ventures so that you can take active steps to prevent it. And, if you’ve been in the game for a while, learning how to deal with keyword cannibalization is an integral step to making every post stand a chance in the SERPs. What Is Keyword Cannibalization? The term itself might bring some interesting images to mind, but “keyword cannibalization” is […]
March 18, 2019
keyword research made easy

Keyword Research Made Easy

One of the first steps to any successful SEO strategy is keyword research. Without doing it right, you could spend countless hours and tons of money trying to rank for terms that are out of your league or just not profitable. But keyword research doesn’t have to be hard. Some people spend far too much time agonizing over their keyword map instead of taking action. The key is to strike a balance. A balance between the time you spend finding keywords and the time you spend actually ranking for them. The goal of this guide to keyword research made easy is to help you find that balance. Step 1: Start With Broad Topics If you are completely new to keyword […]