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Legiit Review

Legiit Review

Table of Contents

Legiit Review: A Complete Breakdown of the Platform



Working on several projects.

Building and maintaining a website.

Building links for your SEO campaigns.

Creating content across different channels.

… Those are just some of the endless tasks a business owner is expected to do these days.

And if you’re running a small company, you may even be involved in delivering the product or service.

The good news is in this Legiit review, we’ll look at a website that can help you take many tasks off your plate.

Legiit Review: What is Legiit?


Legiit Review: A Complete Breakdown of The Platform

Legiit is a freelancing platform that connects businesses to freelancers.

So it helps the freelancers get clients, and it helps the businesses, Get More Stuff Done (this is the Legiit slogan).

The reason why many businesses, including myself, use it is because of the review rating system.

Meaning: You already know which services get the best results.

Interestingly, Legiit has a couple of unique features that set them apart from other marketplaces on the internet.

But we’ll dive into those later on…

Legiit: Who is It For?


We already mentioned that Legiit connects businesses to freelancers, but let’s get a briefer overview of the categories:

  • SEO
  • Writing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Programming and Technology
  • Video
  • Audio Services (Voices, etc.)

Most of the services and categories on Legiit are very business and marketing-oriented, as their goal is to help companies get more stuff done.

For this reason, it might not necessarily be the best place, for example, if you are looking for someone singing or playing the piano.

That being said, you can find some alternative/out of the box services on Legiit, as you can see below:

Legiit Features: Is it just another Freelancing Platform, OR The Future?

There are many other platforms out there, and all do a similar thing.

So the question is, is Legiit any different from the others?

And yes, it sure is.

It has some innovative features, but it also has core differences in how they run, as Legiit is more community-driven.

Lets’ take a look.

Features For Businesses (Customers)


Access To The Best Talent on The Internet


Graphic Design Services Legiit

The core feature of Legiit for customers is that it provides access to the best talent across the internet in one place.

I use freelancers from Legiit for my entire business, whether it be when I want to post blogs, social media content, or build backlinks to my website.

Plus, what I also love about Legiit is that the freelancers have more space to express themselves on the service pages.

This, of course, also makes it easier for us customers to choose the services that fit our needs best — because we can see who knows what they’re talking about by looking at:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies

And a lot of the services are things you won’t find anywhere else, if at all. So, for example, the popular press release service by Spine PR would cost you thousands from an Agency.

Or, you can even get yourself a Wikipedia page and much more. Legiit has this type of stuff in every category, and you can find some excellent services.

Influencer Picks


Another cool Legiit feature I love is the Influencer pages. What’s cool about them is that you can see the services that top influencers like Craig Cambell are using, so you can be sure that the service you’re purchasing is someone who knows their stuff.

To find the influencer pages, just hit browse in the top right-hand corner and select influencer pages.

Favorites, Follows, and Pretty Much a Social Media Platform


Profile Videos

Legiit is almost a social media platform, or at least it takes some aspects. For example, you can follow users, and every time they post a discount or a new service, you get an email notification to ensure you don’t miss it.

You can also message any sellers on the platform if you have any questions. Legiit also puts extra effort into ensuring the freelancers' reply, so you get the best possible customer service.

Save a Cart/Bundle

One of the features I also like is the save a cart feature.

Something I do pretty often buy two services from different freelancers.

But with this feature, I can save them as a bundle, so it’s easy to purchase that combination again.

For example, if you wanted to purchase ten entire blog posts per month, you could save a bundle of:

  • Ten keywords researched by an SEO
  • Ten articles by your favorite blog post writer
  • Images for ten blogs by a graphic designer

You could even purchase this in order, have the images inserted into the blog post, then upload it.

Systems like this make it easy to grow your business. And there are so many other combinations like this on Legiit.

Facebook Networking Group


The next feature is the Official Legiit Facebook group, where you can network with other business owners and freelancers.

This is a valuable tool because you can ask questions about how services work and get tips from other business owners.

On Legiit Mondays, you can get some pretty sweet discounts when freelancers share their service.

Legiit Mondays run every Monday from 12 PM EST to 12 PM EST Tuesday. And I’ve often managed to pick up some crazy deals by checking out the Facebook group during those times.

Review Editions To Get Deals

One of my favorite features on Legiit that no other freelancing platform has is the review editions.

How it works: Freelancers put up “review editions,” which are versions of a service for a lower price (or even free) to get reviews.

This is an excellent opportunity for a customer because you can pick up some low-cost services that grow your business.

I’ve seen friends get website re-designs for as little as $10 from here, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Examples of How To Use Legiit As a Customer


Legiit review SEO services

The most popular category on Legiit is SEO because it hosts some of the best services to help you get ranked on Google.

Of course, SEO has many components, and you can choose to outsource one of the components by buying a service or opting for a managed service to let an expert do it all for you.

One popular approach is to plan the strategy briefly, let an SEO expert look over it, and target the right keywords.

From there, you can either hire a writer and give them some personal images of your business or write the content yourself (make sure to learn on-page SEO first)


Of course, I earlier did walk you through an example of how you can use Legiit to hire bloggers, but I had to include it in the list here too.

The main tip I’d have is to make sure that you’re looking for a writer who understands your niche well.

I also made a video below of some things I look out for when hiring writers.

Virtual Assistant

If you have some general tasks that you need help with, like Admin, booking calls, or something along the lines, you can also hire a virtual assistant from Legiit.

I’ve been using Amitlrajdev, who has helped me with many tasks, mainly SEO and publishing blog posts, which has helped me a lot.

Social Media

Legiit is another excellent tool to grow your social media channels. Whether it’s hiring Ghostwriters for Twitter, or Graphic designers for your Instagram photos, Legiit has a freelancer for it.

I also recently discovered an excellent UGC service, where the freelancer creates the video for me, which I was pleased with – so I’ve used her service quite a bit since.

Using Legiit As an Agency

One other cool thing I like to do is a partner with freelancers for the fulfillment of my agency. For example, I have a client that needs:

  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Press Releases

From there, I often partner with freelancers on Legiit to provide the part of the fulfillment I don’t specialize in.

This allows me to offer the client a complete package, even though I only specialize in SEO.

Web Design & Conversions

One thing I find pretty frustrating myself is playing around with page builders and trying to design a website.

Like most people, I can do the basics with Elementor, but it’s not something I have a lot of expertise in.

So, depending on the project, I hire someone from Legiit who just does it for me. Legiit has web designers for most CMS’ such as WordPress (most common), Shopify, and ClickFunnels.

You can also hire designers to speed up your website, which is pretty nice since studies show a slow website can lose up to 32% conversions.

Related: Does Site Speed Affect SEO? 

Legiit For Freelancers

Now let’s look at what makes Legiit different from other platforms for freelancers.

Legiit comes with various features to help freelancers build businesses, not profiles. For example, you can add multiple users to your account to get an assistant to help you manage orders or fulfillment, but we’ll take a deeper look at that in a second.

Comprehensive Service Pages

One of the most annoying things for freelancers is that many sites don’t allow them to put in complete sales pages.

Unlike other platforms, you can create BIG sales pages, giving interested prospects enough information and showing them what you can do.

You can include:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Custom fonts

You can fill this up with trust signals like social proof and write persuasive copy to convert more customers.

Pretty cool.

Profile Videos (NEW)


One of the recent features added to Legiit are profile videos. This is another excellent sales tool to help you grow your Legiit service business.

People love seeing people. It builds trust and also shows your personality.

To add one to your Profile, just go to your settings and profile > Add profile video.


Another helpful feature for you is the portfolio feature. This enables you to add in previous work you’ve done, such as:

  • Articles you’ve written
  • Graphics you have designed
  • Case Studies of your results

Legiit Review Editions

Legiit review editions work well for new freelancers too, helping them get the initial social proof. How it works is that they can sell a service for a price much lower than it normally costs, so they can get a review.

In the review editions, the customer is forced to leave a review (which can be a bad one). But of course, if the service is good (which it should be), then the review will be positive – helping the freelancer.

This feature creates a win-win feature, as it helps the customers get good deals and the freelancer gets reviews.

Legiit Facebook Group


LEgiit review Facebook group

Another cool thing about Legiit for freelancers is that you can promote yourself in the Facebook groups on Mondays and in the round-up.

Here’s how that works:

Legiit Monday – Share your service in the Facebook group between 12 PM EST Monday and 12 PM EST Monday Tuesday.

Legiit Round-Up – On Wednesdays, you can put your service under the “Legiit Round-Up” post to get your service promoted.

By Us For Us

Another cool feature is the By Us For Us section. This section is only for services that help freelancers, and there are 0% fees.

Meaning: If you sell something that can help other freelancers on Legiit, you can sell it here and pay 0% on fees.


  • The sales page for Legiit Freelancers
  • Graphics for Legiit Freelancers
  • Coaching for Legiit Freelancers

Selling Courses (NEW Feature)

One of the features we haven’t looked at yet is the ability to sell courses. Legiit lets you sell and host courses on your freelancing profile.

This isn’t just great for freelancers but also info-product sellers.

For example, if your main business is around coaching or marketing info products, you can use Legiit as an additional channel.

You can sell a course to create another revenue stream if you're a freelancer.

Or you can browse some great courses on Legiit and find one that will help elevate your business.

Legiit Pricing

Legiit is free to sign up for. The fees are much lower than competitors’ as the standard fee for freelancers is 15%, while the fee for customers is 3%.

But you can sign up for free here and only pay the small fees when using it.

Legiit Premium

Legiit Premium is an optional extra that costs $27 per month. The cool thing about it is that it gives you a ton of cool features that can help you grow your business further.

Here’s a look at some of the features:

Features like recurring billing can help you create a predictable income stream, while being able to add several users can help you scale your fulfillment and customer support.

There is also a private Facebook group for Legiit sellers only, which can help you network with other sellers.

Plus, Legiit sellers have other benefits, including:

Premium Seller Badge and Verification Tick (increases your conversions)

In the round-up, there is a section for premium sellers only.

What do Others Say?

Of course, to give you the complete view of Legiit, I also browsed Facebook and YouTube to find some more testimonials:

Testimonials from Freelancers

Testimonials From Customers

Legiit review testimonials from customers

Legiit Review Pros and Cons:

I also wanted to give you an overview of the pros and cons of using Legiit:


  • There isn’t another place on the internet that has a selection and caliber of link-building services like Legiit.
  • The web designers create high-converting websites (including this one)
  • The graphic designers are highly talented and designed the logos of this site, and even the Legiit site
  • The writers are very talented, and I buy 10+ articles per week from them myself
  • The Facebook group is active and helpful for both customers and freelancers
  • Legiit has much better service page functionality than other freelance marketplaces, making it easier for customers to find the right services and for freelancers to stand out.
  • The platform was built by freelancers and is constantly evolving, so you know it will be optimized to give users the best opportunities.


  • Although Legiit has an excellent selection of services, it’s probably not the best for B2C freelancing services. But they can work, as we saw with the palm reading.
  • Although Legiit has pretty much every component of Ecom covered (Web design, SEO, social media), there aren’t a lot of services specifically for eCommerce services.

Legiit Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, we wanted to answer some questions about Legiit, but if you have more you can always check out the official Facebook group.

What Type of Services Can I Sell on Legiit?

You can sell any type of service that can be digitally delivered whether that be, content, SEO, web design, graphic design or anything else. Legiit also gives you the ability to sell courses.

How Can I Start Freelancing on Legiit?

The sign-up process for Legiit is quick and easy. You just need to go to the sign-up page, and create an account, then fill out your profile. From there, you can start using the Facebook group to make sales and promote your services.

What Are Your Favorite Services on Legiit?

I have spent over $150k on Legiit, so there are a ton of services I use. But I have linked down some of my favorites below:

You can find a bigger list of  SEO services that I use here.

Legiit Review: Final Thoughts

As we have seen throughout this article, Legiit is an excellent freelancing platform that offers lots of innovative features to help both freelancers and businesses use the platform to get more stuff done.

Throughout this article, I walked you through the different features and my favorite ways to use Legiit. But don’t let that stop you from coming up with your strategy because there are so many fantastic combinations that you can use to grow your business with Legiit.

You can also check out the Legiit blog and learn more about using their services there.


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