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Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

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Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

Small business owners are almost always incredibly busy taking care of multiple roles and tasks simultaneously. However, it is important to recognize what can be done in-house and what needs to be outsourced to save time while maximizing business productivity and efficiency.

SEO is one such domain that most businesses prefer to outsource, and rightly so. While most business owners recognize the importance of SEO, they either lack the knowledge to implement it themselves or the financial bandwidth to execute a multi-pronged SEO strategy.

It creates gaps in their marketing strategy that impacts the entire business negatively. Why? Because SEO cannot be ignored.

Search engine optimization (SEO) cannot and should not be ignored by small businesses. It allows them to improve local outreach, break the barriers of the monopoly held by industry giants, and create relevance for themselves. The myth that digital marketing is expensive has largely blanketed the smaller business circle. But it isn't actually true.

There are tons of effective and affordable SEO services for small businesses out there. The collective power of various SEO services can help small businesses to reach out to a larger audience, dominate the local market, and give their competition a tough run for their money.

Why Is SEO Important For Small Businesses?

SEO is a powerful tool for small businesses. It helps create user-friendly, fast, and robust websites that rank higher in the search engines, bringing in qualified leads and customers. Here are some stats that prove why SEO is important for small businesses –

  • Nearly 46 percent of the searches made on Google are local-based. For small businesses trying to enhance their local outreach, SEO plays a vital role. It helps bring in more targeted customers.
  • More than 97 percent of the users learn about local businesses through Google search or online. SEO helps you rank for the search terms people use to find out about what you offer/sell.
  • “Nearby” or “Near me” searches have increased by nearly 1000% percent in the last couple of years. If your website's SEO is weak, you're giving leeway to your competitors to take over.
  • SEO helps you rank on the first page of Google. Around 75 percent of the users never go beyond the first page, so it is critical to rank higher.

Another question that many business owners search for answers to is which SEO services for small businesses are ideal for me? It depends primarily on your niche, marketing strategy, business objectives, and competition.

Here we would list some of the top affordable SEO services for small businesses you can consider including in your SEO efforts.

SEO Services For Small Business

1-On-1 Consulting 

Whether you're new to the SEO world or a business owner trying to solve the SEO puzzle on your own, the first thing you need is to consult with an SEO expert.

You cannot juggle around mindlessly in the realm you're not an expert on, eventually biting a large chunk of your already limited budget. You need a custom-tailored or proven SEO strategy that fills the gap and achieves your internet marketing objectives.

And, it is what consulting with an SEO expert with a proven track record would help you with. An SEO expert would analyze your business, niche, market, competition, website's technical metrics, and more to guide you in the right direction. You might be making mistakes repeatedly, expecting different results, or focusing on the wrong areas of SEO. Who will show you the right way?

There are many affordable SEO services for small businesses available, but picking the one that's right for you is important. Whether you're just starting with SEO now or have gotten nowhere after months of trying various SEO services, it is time to consult 1-on-1 with an SEO expert. An expert SEO professional can declutter your idea about SEO and help you craft an SEO strategy that gets results.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the pillar of search engine optimization. It helps create content around the keywords that can help drive higher organic traffic, qualified leads, and potential customers to your website. This makes keyword research important from the SEO and business perspective, helping boost revenue considerably.

For example, finding prospective keywords for an eCommerce site specializing in chocolates may seem simple, but there's always more than what meets the eye. And, no, it's not just chocolates, white chocolate, and dark chocolates. The variety of focus keywords may also be – kids chocolates, bear-shaped chocolates, diabetic chocolate bars, hazelnut flavored low-sugar chocolates, etc. Get the point?

SEO is all about numbers. If you know exactly which keyword is trending, has high volume, low competition, low difficulty score, and more, the SEO efforts materialize as desired.

Keyword research service helps find keywords relevant to your niche. Why is it necessary?

  • Analyze the metrics of current focus keywords.
  • Identify keywords the competitors are targeting.
  • Determine low competition and relevant keywords.
  • Monitor keywords' performance.
  • Conduct Website review
  • Conduct Niche/Market review
  • Segmenting Keywords – Primary Keywords, Secondary Keywords, Long-Tail Keywords, Short-Tail Keywords, Geo-Targeting Keywords, Intent Keywords, Product-Based Keywords, and Customer Defining Keywords.

It is an affordable SEO service for small businesses that cannot be discounted because it is a prerequisite for the SEO journey ahead.

Technical SEO Audit

One of the experiences commonly faced by small business owners who've tried SEO on their own or have hired someone to do SEO for them is hitting a plateau. Yes, after gaining some positive momentum, nothing you do seems to work. At times, doing many things simultaneously SEO-wise can backfire too.

SEO service that can help find the root cause of stagnancy or inability to rank higher is Technical SEO Audit. It would provide an in-depth analysis of your website's technical parameters, checking what's missing, what's wrong, and if tweaks are needed anywhere.

Technical SEO audit covers metrics Google checks and relies on to understand your site and rank higher. It includes –

  • Redirects
  • Internal Links
  • Duplicate Content
  • Page Resources
  • AMP
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Website's Security
  • Mobile-Friendly/Responsive
  • Front-end
  • On-Page SEO Elements
  • Indexability

SEO is a complex and ever-evolving process, so it is natural to lose focus at times, wasting time and money on a misguided approach. Getting Technical SEO Audit Report from an expert SEO professional ensures the basics of your website are covered.

It helps identify mistakes before moving ahead with other more extensive SEO techniques. This lays the strong foundation for a robust SEO strategy without costing a fortune.

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization | SEO Services For Small Businesses

One of the most important yet affordable SEO services for small businesses is on-page SEO optimization. Many people confuse on-page SEO with technical SEO, but while they are interlinked and interdependent, there is a difference.

On-Page SEO deals primarily with content optimization and the website's HTML source code. Several characteristics fall within the purview of on-page optimization, such as –

  • Keyword Research – Make a List of Targeted Keywords
  • Keyword/Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Density
  • SEO Optimized Titles
  • Optimized On-Page Content
  • SEO-Friendly URL
  • UX Signals – CTR
  • Title Tag
  • HTML Tag
  • Meta Title
  • Optimized Meta Description
  • Image Optimization/Alt Attributes
  • Robot.txt

Your website needs to be optimized for the search engines to interpret its content, information, and structure correctly. It helps achieve higher SERPs while driving more organic search traffic. On-page optimization primes your website for higher SERPs!

Google Maps Citations 

One of the most affordable SEO services for small businesses is Google Maps Citations. It is a widely practiced technique to boost your local SEO efforts drastically.

It not only helps you rank on Google Snack Pack but increases the chances of ranking higher on search results for your targeted terms. Most importantly, Google Maps Citations would help potential customers looking for something you sell/offer to find you.

If you try to build citations on Google and elsewhere by yourself and end up with tons of inaccurate citations, it can be challenging to recuperate from it. Google Maps Citations services can help boost rankings, revenue, and reputation and is something best left to the professional SEO service provider.

Managed SEO Services

It is not a service on its own but essentially a bundle of SEO services clubbed together for a more inclusive and cohesive approach. Managed SEO Services are just perfect for small business owners who don't want to get into the intricacies of SEO but want strategy-based SEO efforts in place.

What managed SEO services bring to the table is a systematic approach towards SEO, ensuring the needle moves steadily in the desired direction. The best part is that it doesn't break the bank while diversifying the SEO profile of your website month after month. The managed SEO services come with set inclusions or can be customized as well.

Depending upon the SEO professional and the website's niche, the SEO packages can consist of many different services, including –

  • Social Media Profiles
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Foundation Links
  • PBN Links
  • Niche Edits
  • Local Citations
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Social Shares/Signals
  • Web 2.0 Profiles/Links
  • Guest Posts
  • And much more!

The website is closely monitored during the service tenure, and necessary tweaks are made in the strategy on the go. For business owners looking for affordable SEO services for small businesses, managed SEO services is an ideal option for sustained growth.

Guest Posts

One of the off-page SEO techniques that have become quite a rage in recent times is guest blogging. It essentially is posting on a third-party blog that's relevant to your niche and linking it back to your website. It does make a lot of sense, even if you don't look at it from the SEO point of view.

When a keynote speaker talks about anything – people listen carefully. Similarly, when a post on a high authority blog mentions your website, it passes on some authority and targeted traffic back to your website.

When done tactfully, guest posting service is one of the most affordable SEO services for small businesses with the highest ROI. Guest posting is one of the SEO services you may want to start with to diversify your external link profile.

Guest blogging can be done organically by reaching out to bloggers. However, it is a time-consuming process, not necessarily fun for small business owners. It is why hiring an outreach expert or an SEO professional offering guest posting services makes sense.

The benefits it offers include –

  • Drive Referral and Targeted Traffic
  • Boost Brand Exposure
  • Enhance Brand Authority
  • Improved Web Presence
  • Improves Network in the Industry
  • Helps Fortify Backlink Profile
  • Generates Leads/Sales/Revenue
  • Backs Content Marketing Efforts


Backlinks | SEO Services For Small Businesses

One way or the other, off-page SEO is largely about backlinks. It is important because when a website gets more backlinks from other sites, Google infers it as having valuable content worth ranking higher. More backlinks from other authority web sources increase the chances of higher rankings.

Whether you're a small business trying to target the local market or an e-commerce website shipping products worldwide, backlinks are important.

As your website matures and you continue to publish relevant and valuable content, there will be websites linking back to you. However, for business owners looking to gain traction at an accelerated pace, there are ways one can get backlinks.

How much this service costs may vary depending upon the quality, type, and source of links. Link types –

  • PBN Links
  • Profile Links
  • Foundation Links
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Social Bookmarks
  • High Authority Blog Links

While some backlinks may end up costing thousands of dollars, many SEO professionals can help you expand your external link profile affordably.

SEO Content Creation

SEO Content Creation Services For Small Businesses

The content on your website plays a crucial role in boosting your overall SEO efforts. SEO content offers tons of benefits –

  • Drive More Traffic
  • Become an authority in your niche
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Leave a lasting impression on visitors
  • Improve User Experience
  • Boost Social Shares
  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Generate High CTR
  • Increased Search Engine Rankings
  • Backs SEO Techniques

The content on your website needs to be high-quality, value-oriented, and keyword-optimized. When the keywords are strategically used in the content, it helps search engines rank it for those particular search terms. To make the content more illustrious, engaging, and informative, it must be presented in a structured format that's easy to navigate, containing images, videos, infographics, etc.

Content is often called the “King” in the SEO world, and rightly so.  A website cannot move up the rankings, no matter how well-designed and developed it may be without quality content.

Thanks to the SEO tools available these days, one can check the SEO value, keyword density, and other relevant content metrics. It helps align the content with what Google is looking for, improving the chances of ranking the website higher.

For small businesses looking for content for their web pages, services, blogs, products, etc., hiring specialized content creation experts is highly recommended. They would have skills, knowledge, and experience in creating SEO-optimized content while also having access to SEO tools for content optimization. Overall, it is a time-consuming process that needs expertise, diligence, and consistency.

If business owners get into content creation, core areas of business would most likely suffer. The good news is that it is one of the most affordable SEO services for small businesses, ensuring substantial returns in the long term.

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Niche Edits 

Niche edits links have become a vogue in recent times in the SEO world due to the link juice it offers. It is similar to guest posts, with the only difference being that these links are incorporated in the already published relevant content that ranks and gets substantial traffic.

So, niche edits links bring the power of rank and relevance together to boost traffic for your site. It translates into more authority and higher rankings, increasing revenue considerably.

Combined with other SEO measures, niche edits can help diversify your backlink profile to empower your web presence. Being a highly powerful yet affordable SEO service for small businesses, its potential cannot be ignored.

PBN Links

The power and potential of PBN or Private Blog Networks Links are often argued. But, they do get results. And, as a small business owner, it is what you're looking for, right? You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on one link that may get dry in a couple of months, sending little to no traffic.

It is essential to build a backlink profile that is diversified yet relevant, and including PBN links in the mix never fails to surprise – in a good way!

Using PBN links is one of the best SEO techniques among marketers to improve relevancy and rank higher in search engines. It helps with the following –

  • Expanding the bandwidth of your business's web presence
  • Engaging larger audience
  • Drives organic traffic
  • It helps your website stand out in a competitive niche
  • Boosts Lead generation & Sales

For small businesses that are looking to rank higher in their respective niches, getting PBN links periodically would overthrow the competition in due course. It continues to remain one of the highly sought-after and affordable SEO services for small businesses.

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Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is HOT right now as more and more users use the voice search function offered by search engines. As per the survey, nearly 112 million people use voice search in the United States alone, and the figure continues to grow globally. It is estimated that around 60 percent of adults use voice search regularly.

Having a responsive website is almost mandatory today for ranking, but it wasn't the case a decade or so back. The next element in a similar line is voice search, and the sooner you ride this bandwagon, the better it is for you. Voice search optimization services are affordable and effective in making your website voice search friendly, including support for Alexa and Siri.

For local and small businesses, it is important to grab this opportunity to reach out to their target audience. It also improves the chances of ranking higher while showcasing the commitment to staying relevant, modern, and updated with times.

Press Release Creation & Distribution

Whether you're launching a new website, product, service or have any other newsworthy event to share with the world, creating and distributing a press release online remains a standard procedure for most businesses. The press release offers considerable indirect value to the website. How?

When the URL of the press release shows up in the news section of Google or ranks in the search engine, it sends referral traffic back to your website. There are tons of high-authority PR networks where press releases can be distributed, which almost always get instantaneous traction in terms of traffic, visibility, and brand awareness.

Benefits of PR Creation and Distribution

  • Organic External Links
  • Referral Traffic
  • Brand Visibility
  • Brand Awareness
  • Market Recognition

Small businesses trying to establish themselves as an authority in their niche, gain recognition, and create brand awareness shouldn't ignore the potential of this SEO service.

The role played by SEO has transformed over the years, but it is here to stay. It has become a crucial element of a proactive marketing strategy that mutually benefits businesses, end-users, and search engines.  SEO costs way less while offering much more value and ROI over time compared to the traditional marketing techniques.

This makes it imperative to look for affordable SEO services for small businesses and implement them in a synchronized fashion. The power of the internet and well-done SEO has turned around the fortune of many companies, and there's no reason why it can't do it for you. All you need to do is look for Legiit SEO professionals to “Get More Stuff Done” for less.

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