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5 Best Technical SEO Tools For Agencies

The one thing that agencies need to deliver their results to clients is access to the best technical SEO tools available. The common issue is that there are so many options that it becomes overwhelming. Additionally, there is conflicting information about each one. Therefore, it is challenging for many agencies or bloggers who want to write SEO-optimized posts to find the best one. After doing plenty of research for the ideal tools for search engine optimization, we discovered the five best ones. Let's go over those right now:

One Of The Best SEO Tools Is The Google Search Console

If you are an agency or a blogger, you will want to take advantage of the Google Search Console. That is because, with this online gadget, you can do search optimization reporting for clients or yourself if you are looking to write SEO-optimized blog posts. The Google Search Console can prevent you from running into problems when there are changeovers for websites. What often happens is that when changes occur, they can erase GSC accounts. When you use that particular tool after wiping out the GSC accounts, you can retrieve your saved data.

Google Search Console

The Screaming Frog Crawler

Agencies need to perform website audits. You require a crawler to successfully check a website for its SEO statuses and other issues. When you use the Screaming Frog, you will discover critical basics that can hurt the website's health, such as missing page titles, meta descriptions, keywords, error response codes, wrong URLs, poor canonicals, and images. Additionally, the advanced settings of this tool will allow you to check the entire architecture of the website, finding problems with pagination and issues with international SEO implementation.

screaming frog

Web Developer Toolbar

Everyone searching optimizing their content or their clients' website content will need to look for issues regarding CSS and JavaScript implementations with the user interface and menus. The web developer toolbar will help identify those problems that can significantly hurt the health of any website, which will cause SEO problems. The taskbar will also help you discover issues regarding broken images, and you can also look at response headers and meta tag information. You can download the extension through Firefox or Chrome.

Web Developer Toolbar

Google Page Speed Insights

A slow-loading website will be detrimental to its SEO performance. Therefore, you will need to analyze the website's speed, and one of the best SEO tools for that is the Google Page Speed Insights. However, bear in mind that this online gadget does not provide exact speed metric testing results. It will give you an approximation of its speed, and you will need to use other similar tools to get the entire picture. However, this tool will provide you with a good idea of how quickly the site loads.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Analytics

Everyone should know that every website must have Google Analytics attached to them. This tool is the ultimate platform that will provide complete analyses on organic search performance. You can discover so much information about how websites perform that include the traffic it receives daily, weekly, and monthly, penalties, the location, and demographics of website traffic and more. The critical thing to remember is to set up your Google Analytics properly to have it report the website's performance each month. That way, if a problem happens to the website, Google Analytics will save the data, so there is no loss.

There are many online gadgets that agencies love for various reasons. However, the best SEO tools are must-haves for every agency, business owner, or blogger who independently manage their search engine optimization. If you run an agency, you want your clients to keep returning to you, which means these tools will help you help them. If you are an independent business owner or blogger, you want to rank your website or blog high up on search engines – and these tools will help you do that!

Google Analytics

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