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Niche Site Ideas

Niche Site Ideas

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55 Profitable Niche Site Ideas (2022)

A niche site is a great way of generating passive income.

But, picking the right niche is critical to a successful niche site project, which is probably why most aspiring bloggers get stuck at this step.

In this article, we talk about a lot of profitable niche site ideas that you can confidently pick and start working on right now.

With all niche site ideas on this blog post, you will get actionable advice on how to get started.

However, keep in mind that we can’t guarantee success, and can only point you in the right direction. What defines your success is your skill and effort.

Let’s dive into our niche site ideas.

Niche Site Ideas Up for Grabs


Niche site ideas - Archery

Niche Site Ideas – Archery

Archery is one of the most incredible hobbies enjoyed by people all around the globe. Given the market size of this sport, the presence of sites answering archery-related questions is negligible.

Just do a quick Google search of a few related keywords and you will be surprised to see the lack of information on the first SERP.

So, it’s fair to say that a site related to archery can be a great hit.

But, how to monetize an archery site?

An archery site can be a pretty great source of passive income. There are a lot of products associated with a bow setup.

You can set up a site that talks about archery in general and recommend products or accessories related to archery.

Affiliate marketing would probably be the best way to monetize a site like this.

You could partner up with Amazon, recommend its products, and earn a commission on every sale incurred through your content.

The products that you would be promoting include:

  • Bow cases
  • Tree stands
  • Releases
  • And more

All of those products would be more than the $100 mark, which would mean a good affiliate commission against every sale.

Buyer’s Guide for Boat Lovers

Niche Site Ideas - Boat guides

Niche Site Ideas – Boat Guides

Here is a quick tip on how to find a great niche site idea to talk about and make money from it:

Analyze the first search engine results page for relevant queries. See if there are enough good articles on the topic.

If you see a fair gap in the supply and demand, you’ve got a profitable niche site idea.

Do that for topics related to boats and you will be surprised how much potential this niche has.

Plus, it’s not like people are not spending enough money on these products. A boat owner spends thousands of dollars on their boat.

Here is the nice thing: Most of the boats that people would want to buy don’t have any reviews available on Google.

Most of the time, you will find content from the manufacturer’s site; a few pictures, maybe a sales video, or a spec sheet.

There is a dearth of unbiased reviews about boats on the internet. You could fill that void relatively easily.

Moreover, you could easily find a lot of great domain names for it as well.

So, how do you monetize a site around the boat niche?

You could earn money in a variety of ways with this one. Sponsorships, display advertising, and affiliate marketing would be highly suitable.

And, while the niche doesn’t have much potential for digital products, here is an idea.

You could hire a restoration expert, create a detailed video of them doing their work, and sell that video on your site.

That way, you would be making passive income from your digital product. Plus, you could build your email list to retarget them with more products later.

Site Around Camera Lenses

niche site ideas - camera lenses

Niche Site Ideas – Camera Lenses

If you are a photography enthusiast, you would know that a good lens doesn’t cost less than $2000.

Photographers get into a lot of detail before deciding on a lens.

It’s not like there aren’t enough reviews of photography lenses out there. It’s just that they don’t guide you well enough to help you make an effective decision.

You could create a site around photography lenses and talk about different types of lenses. These can include:

  • Wildlife lenses
  • Portrait photography lenses
  • Sports lenses
  • And more

What you could do is, help people choose from different lenses based on what camera they have. You put together a list of good, better, and best lenses with varying prices.

How do you monetize a lens niche site?

Probably the best way to monetize a site like this is by reviewing different lenses from Amazon. The e-commerce giant gives a pretty generous commission on this niche category.

So, even if you can get a few articles ranked on the first page of Google, you could create a good passive income source from this site.

Travel with a Cat

Niche Site Ideas - Traveling Cat

Niche Site Ideas – Travel with Cats

Starting a general pet niche site isn’t a very practical idea, especially when you are a beginner blogger and have a limited budget.

There are a lot of established websites that you would need to compete with.

But, how about going further deep into one of these niches?

For instance, traveling with a cat.

People travel with their cats all the time. You could recommend a lot of useful products that can make their journey easier.

You could just go to Amazon and see what type of products you could recommend to your target audience.

You could review cat carriers, cooling devices for your car, and more.

In addition to recommending helpful products, you should also give them tips and answer their questions.

How do you monetize a “Travel with a cat” website?

The best way to go about monetizing this site would be Amazon associates.

You should also partner up with a credible ad company like Ezoic or Adthrive to earn from display advertising.

Video Editing Hardware

Niche site ideas - Video editing hardware

Niche Site Ideas – Video Editing Hardware

The amount of video content we consume these days is unprecedented. The video consumption rate is only going to increase the way video hosting platforms like TikTok and YouTube are gaining popularity.

But, most of those videos are rendered by powerful computer hardware. And, video editing is one of the most popular freelance niches out there.

What this means is, video editors need the best hardware to edit and render their videos in a timely manner.

They don’t want to wait for a hour to get a 5-minute video. And, for a quick video render, they need the right kind of hardware.

You can help them find a decent machine that makes video editing less painful for them.

Finding a laptop or a desktop that does the task efficiently can be hard.

Or, you could even help them build a custom computer for their needs, which could be a niche on its own.

How do you monetize a site around video editing hardware?

Clearly, a site around computer hardware would be an ideal platform to promote affiliate products and earn handsome commissions.

Plus, you could also create a short video course telling people how to put together a desktop after selecting the right components for it.

You could show them how a computer performs within a specific price range.

Home Office (Or Backyard Office)

Niche site ideas - Home office

Niche Site Ideas – Home Office

Thanks to the worldwide pandemic, a lot of people have started working from home. And, the number one thing someone who works from home needs is a well-managed home office.

But, what if they need more than a table and a chair?

You could help them model their home office and even spruce it up a little.

Some people would have an idle basement or a free backyard that they might want to utilize as a home office.

Moreover, people who have a dedicated office space far from their homes would be a good audience as well.

After all, who wouldn’t like to cut their travel and office space costs?

So, how do you monetize a site around this space?

Honestly, this is a somewhat tough niche to crack. The reason is that most people might find the idea fascinating but won’t go through with it.

So, many people that land on your site might not buy your affiliate products. Or, they may not be interested in a course that tells them how to build a home office from scratch.

The best way to monetize a blog around the home office niche would be display ads.


niche site ideas - pottery

Niche Site Ideas – Pottery

Pottery can be an amazing niche site idea because it’s a somewhat complicated art that people would need good lessons on.

Plus, there is a lot of potential on the search engines like Google for this type of niche.

You don’t have to be a potter to be able to create a profitable niche site on pottery though.

Here is what you can do: Learn from online resources and teach others in an easier and more comprehensive fashion.

The nice thing about a pottery niche site is that you can promote a lot of Amazon products as an affiliate and earn good commissions.

Wall Decoration

niche site ideas - wall decoration

Niche Site Ideas – Wall Decorations

Wall decoration is another niche idea that is not only undeserved but also incredibly profitable.

It’s one of the niches where you don’t have to be an expert to make a ridiculous amount of money.

Just learn as you go and you will be fine.

The good thing is, it’s a visual topic, meaning that you can attract a huge chunk of your audience just by creating visuals.

Of course, you will need great design ideas before you can even think of attracting the right kind of audience.

Pinterest and Instagram can be great sources of high-quality traffic for a niche blog around wall decoration.

And, of course, there are a lot of untapped opportunities on the search engines as well.

A combination of search engine and social media presence would help you maximize your blog’s traffic.

One way would be to showcase your own wall designs on visual social media platforms like Pinterest.

Moreover, your audience for a wall decoration website includes all those people that have a wall in their home.

So, how do you monetize a wall decoration niche site?

Remember, niche blogging is like a marathon; you will be minimizing your chances of success by taking it as a sprint.

So, in the first few months, you should be focusing on creating lots of great content and building a decent Pinterest following.

Then, you can source products that go together seamlessly and help people build a whole wall for themselves.

Home Automation

niche site ideas - home automation

Niche Site Ideas – Home Automation

Thanks to artificial intelligence, gone are the days when you had to do every little thing yourself. Or, maybe hire someone.

Now, you can just outsource your small, insignificant tasks to the machines.

A.I has influenced many industries, and home automation is probably one of the top ones.

Instead of getting up from your comfortable sofa just to shut that door, you can get Alexa to do that for you.

Or, instead of worrying about your home, you can invest a little in an automated home alarm system.

Building a niche site around the home automation niche can prove to be your best business decision if you take it seriously.

While there is some presence on the web around home automation topics, there is still a lot of vacant space.

And, automation industry is only going to grow in the future. The more it grows, the more business you can generate around it.

So, a niche blog around home automation can be highly scalable.

How to monetize a home automation niche site?

There are multiple passive ways to generate money from a site around this ever-growing niche.

Start producing informational content first and generate some traffic.

Informational blog posts help you build your credibility not only with Google but also with your target audience.

Then, you can promote all kinds of home automation products as an affiliate. This could turn out to be an incredibly passive idea as products around home automation continue to hit the market.

Here are some products that you can promote on your home automation niche site:

  • Voice control thermostat
  • Smart garage control
  • Smart LED lights
  • Smart alarms
  • Remote control hub
  • Smart locks

Plus, as it has a good traffic potential, you could partner up with an ad platform like Ezoic and maximize your revenues.

Mountain Climbing

niche site ideas - mountain climbing

Niche Site Ideas – Mountain Climbing

Mountaineering can never get irrelevant because there are so many climbing enthusiasts out there looking for answers and solutions.

And, guess what? You can be a resource for them, answering their burning questions and helping them buy the right climbing gear.

The nice thing about this niche site idea is that you have an extensive list of gear to recommend. And, the gear a mountain climber requires is pretty expensive as well.

So, you would be earning a hefty commission if people start buying from your affiliate links.

Not only that, but many mountain climbing tools have an expiration date as well. So, even if someone has everything they need, they would be buying it again in 2 to 5 years.

A mountain climbing nice affiliate site would make a lot of sense.

In addition, there are multiple credible affiliate programs related to this niche, Amazon being at the top, of course.

Others include REI and Cabelas.

Crowd Funding

crowd funding niche site ideas

Crowd Funding Niche Site Ideas

While this one may come as a surprise to you, there is a guaranteed audience around the crowdfunding niche.

Kickstarter is one of the most popular and successful crowdfunding platforms. Creators, investors, and artists leverage the platform effectively to realize their dream projects.

They create a page telling the world about their idea in detail. People that would buy their product once it's finished buy it before its creation.

And, once the project or product is complete, the creator would send it to them.

Many artists and entrepreneurs sold millions of worth of products on Kickstarter long before it hit the market.

You could create a site that talks about how to get started on Kickstarter and how to create their prototype.

Talk about what type of ideas do well on the platform and what don’t.

You could monetize this site by introducing your Kickstarter marketing course. Or, you could sell an e-book that goes into details of how to manufacture a prototype.


inventing niche site ideas

Inventing niche site ideas

You would love this idea if you ever wanted to manufacture a product that could help your audience.

But, even when you are ready to dive headfirst into manufacturing a product, you won’t know where to start.

And, there could be multiple potential pitfalls while pursuing this type of project.

What you can do is, create a blog that helps the audience get started with their idea. You could talk about the engineering plan, manufacturing parts for cheap, and outsourcing.

But, of course, this topic is ideal for an engineer to write about. Or, maybe you share your journey with the audience as you learn and implement a project?

But, how do you monetize a niche site around inventing or manufacturing a product?

Contrary to what most readers might think, a membership site would be incredibly profitable.

After all, you are giving a step-by-step process of manufacturing a product from scratch.

Who wouldn’t want to pay a few dollars to get that invaluable piece of information?

3d Printing

3d printing niche site ideas

3D Printing niche site ideas

3d printing is a booming industry right now. A 3d printer takes a chunk of plastic and creates a physical product based on a computer design.

You could have a 3d printer design virtually anything you want. This includes jewelry, technology accessories, clothing, and much more.

Here are a few things to talk about on a blog around 3d printing:

  • Of course, you could recommend different 3d printers to your audience and earn affiliate commissions
  • The type of software 3d printers use is unique, so you need to have the proper training for a 3d printer first. You could talk about how to set up different 3d printers effectively
  • Lastly, teach your audience how to create the best designs from a 3d printer

To monetize a site on the 3d printing niche, you could also create a complete course and sell it.

Storm Chasing

storm chasing niche site ideas

Storm Chasing niche site ideas

Scientists aren’t the only people that chase storms. A lot of people travel every year in the US to chase special weather events like tornadoes.

This is pretty popular among photographers.

What you could do is, teach people how to safely chase storms. You could add an info product, or you could just partner up with an ad platform like Adthrive.

Renovating a Basement

renovating a basement niche site ideas

Renovating a basement niche site ideas

Millions of homes have raw or unfinished basements right now. Homeowners with unfinished basements don’t know the exact costs of finishing their basements.

You could talk about the work they need to do (or get someone to do) in order to finish their basement.

Plus, people might not know what to exactly do with their basement at all. You could give creative ideas or inspirations on what to do with their basements.

So, how to monetize a blog around basement finishing?

Since your audience would need helpful, in-depth information, you could create an info product.

For instance, an e-book or a short video course telling homeowners about all the financial costs of setting up a basement.

Moreover, showing ads on the blog can also be a good source of passive income.

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Garage Organization

garage organization niche site ideas

Garage organization niche site ideas

There are a lot of people with messy garages. They would want someone’s assistance in organizing their garage.

Plus, there is another reason why a garage organization niche site would work so well.

There is a lot of potential as far as affiliate products are concerned.

You could promote garage tool boxes, garage shelves, workbenches, flooring, and more.

Such types of products are pretty expensive as well, which would mean a higher affiliate commission per sale for you.

Life Hacks

life hacks niche site ideas

Life hacks niche site ideas

Here is a cool idea: You could go to Pinterest, find different helpful life hack ideas, and share them on your blog.

The life hack niche is pretty great. People love to solve their problems with creative, effective, and inexpensive solutions.

However, keep in mind that a life hack site would majorly depend on Pinterest traffic. So, it might not be that passive as it won’t be from a search engine like Google.

That said, the site’s around Pinterest traffic are great as they start getting high-quality traffic almost immediately.

But, there are a lot of people sharing life hack ideas. What can you do to stand out?

You could test these ideas yourself and share the results with your audience. You would be telling them what ideas do work and what don’t.

Let’s say there is a life hack online where someone cleans a faucet off soup scum with vinegar. You could perform the experiment, take pictures of it, and share them on your blog.

How do you monetize a niche site around cool life hacks?

A site like this can attract a lot of traffic in less time. So, ads would be a good revenue source for it.

In addition, you could create e-books around the top life hacks for different categories and sell them on your blog.

Marathon Training

marathon training niche site ideas

Marathon training niche site ideas

You don’t have to be the first mover into an industry to be successful, and this is especially true in blogging.

Even if there are many other blogs that are talking about the same thing, your goal is to build your credibility.

If you put in the required work, there will always be people who would identify with you.

So, you don’t have to be the only authority in a niche to make your blog successful.

Although the marathon training niche might have competitors aiming for the same goals, you can easily stand out.

Have you ever thought of running a marathon? Maybe with a family member? Think of the bonding and struggle you will go through together!

This could be a whole another niche. Running a marathon with your loved ones!

A marathon is a big deal for many enthusiastic runners out there. Think of the things that you can help them with and make them your fans.

Moreover, many people would only need a few blog posts to get going. And, some might need you to write a whole e-book for them.

The nice thing is, you don’t have to run a marathon yourself before helping other people.

Honestly, no one cares if you have been through the trenches in this niche.

Just tell your audience the truth that you are learning yourself and would love to help them get going as well.

There are a lot of “gurus” out there that don’t even know what they are doing. You might be a better resource than many as you are genuinely interested.

Moreover, you could also add a podcast to your blog if possible. Maybe something your audience can listen to while they train?

So, how to monetize a marathon training niche site?

Probably the best way to monetize a blog around this industry is by offering an in-depth training Bootcamp.

Think about a 4-month training Bootcamp with detailed videos containing everything an aspiring marathoner would need.

Now, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on something like that, right?

You could also make an email course and send reminders as they progress forward.

There can be multiple sources of income here; think about the number of products you could recommend as an Amazon associate.

Smart Watches

smart watches niche site ideas

Smartwatches niche site ideas

Dig a little into the tech industry and you will know that wearable tracking devices are pretty hot right now.

Many tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Pebble, Windows, and others are spending billions to get ahead.

Yet, you won’t probably find enough blogs on Google about smartwatches.

What you can do is, register a domain right now and start talking about different smartwatches out there.

Of course, you should also produce informational content like “how to select a smartwatch when you are on a budget” before jumping on reviews.

Moreover, it would be a better idea to buy the actual products, use them, and write detailed reviews on them.

You don’t need to keep these watches though. Just return them before the return date ends.

If it doesn’t seem right to you, think about the traffic you will be sending to the platform by reviewing their products?

Most companies will hand over their products for the kind of high-quality traffic you can send their way.

You could test their battery life, compare their prices, talk about the devices that are going to hit the market in the future, etc.

There are two ways you could monetize a niche blog around smartwatches. Amazon associates and display ads.

International Phone

International phone niche site ideas

International phone niche site ideas

A lot of people that travel out of the country frequently hate not being able to use their mobile phones normally.

It can be a pain to figure out the mobile communication system of a foreign country. Sometimes, even texting can become pretty expensive.

Plus, it can be confusing. Every country is different. You might need to get in touch with your cell provider to enable international data.

Or, maybe you need to buy a new local SIM card to be able to communicate from their territory

Think about how you can help people travel without worrying about cutting ties to their loved ones.

Create a detailed post for every country and each cell provider and provide a clear answer.

But, how to monetize a blog around the international phone niche?

Link your site to International SIM cards on sites like Amazon, partner up with companies like, etc.

Soundproofing a Home

soundproofing a room niche site ideas

Soundproofing a room niche site ideas

A quieter, more peaceful home is the need of the hour as more and more people turn to work from home.

Even if someone isn’t working from home, they would prefer a calmer environment inside their living rooms.

Many people install hardwood floors because they look and feel so good only to find out later that it makes everything louder.

Soundproofing a room is a popular search term on search engines like Google. Plus, there are plenty of products that you can recommend to your audience and make affiliate commissions.

Just enter “soundproofing” in the Amazon search bar and you will see a list of products.

Amazon offers generous commissions on such products; you can earn around 8% of every affiliate sale from your link.

The nice thing is, most of the products in the soundproofing a home niche come at around $200, which is the sweet spot when it comes to Amazon Associates.

You get a good commission and it’s not that expensive to keep someone from buying the product.

The site could be a very passive one as the demand for these products is always rising.

Here are some ideas:

  • Soundproof blankets
  • Rubber padding
  • Silencing floor squeaks
  • Keeping a computer fan quiet
  • And, more

Truck Styling

truck styling niche site ideas

Truck styling niche site ideas

Look around your neighborhood and you will see most of the trucks stylized.

If you own a truck, helping others personalize their trucks would be no rocket science for you.

You could just spruce up your own truck with different products, review your experience, and make some passive income from your blog.

The products that a truck stylist would use include:

  • Roll bars
  • Bumper bars
  • Steps
  • Vinyl
  • Lift kit
  • Bed liners
  • Etc.

This can be a pretty profitable niche because your target audience would just have bought an expensive truck recently.

So, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to spend a few hundred bucks to make their trucks look great.

Plus, most of the products you will be reviewing in this niche would be more than $100 and less than $300.

This is a sweet spot when it comes to niche sites; not too expensive to keep someone from buying and not too cheap to keep you from making a good commission.

As far as monetization is concerned, keep it simple and link to Amazon products.


Drones niche site ideas

Drones niche site ideas

Drones are a booming industry. It’s pretty popular with photographers, videographers, social media content producers, and more.

Their rising popularity is evident from the fact that Amazon recently started delivering its products through drones.

Drone surveillance is a pretty effective industry, helping organizations keep tabs on sensitive areas.

The applications of a drone are truly endless.

You could create a niche site around drones and help people buy the right ones for themselves.

Link to Amazon products as an affiliate and start getting generous commissions on the sales incurred from those links.

When you successfully rank drone articles on the first page, tech companies might also want to work with you as sponsors.

Moreover, teach your audience how to operate a drone effectively and what they can do with it.

Although there are a lot of websites around this niche, a skilled blogger can easily dominate on the first page.

Here are some monetization ideas for a drone site:

  • A video course on how to pass the 107 exam in the US
  • How to do cinematography using drones
  • How to start a drone photography business from scratch

Baby Photography Props

Baby photography props niche site ideas

Baby photography props niche site ideas

Props are a great way to add visual appeal to any photograph. And, when it's baby photography, they are almost imperative.

There are multiple benefits of adding props to baby photos.

  • You add visual appeal to the photographs
  • Your baby is going to enjoy their own photos
  • Props tell a story and add to the nostalgia of photos
  • They keep the baby engaged and entertained

People love to add props to their baby photographs, and it can be hard to find good props online. A niche site around baby photography props can be a great way to help people find inspiration.

And, because there isn’t much competition on this niche on Google, you can rank for such blog posts relatively easily.

But, how do you generate passive income from a baby photography props niche site?

Initially, upload great content and focus on Amazon Associates. Link to relevant products on Amazona and earn recurring commissions.

After you start getting a decent amount of traffic to your blog, you can work with photography training courses as an affiliate as well.

Kitchen Upgrades (DIY)

kitchen upgrades niche site ideas

Kitchen upgrades niche site ideas

According to HomeAdvisor, a kitchen remodel on average costs around $25000.

But, there are a lot of ways to spruce up a kitchen without having to spend through the nose.

Even a few hundred dollars can change the complexion of an average-sized kitchen.

The good thing is, you don’t have to hire anyone to do the job for you.

You can do everything yourself as a do-it-yourself project.

Create a website around inspirations for kitchen upgrades. It can prove to be a lucrative source of passive income.

How do you monetize a blog around DIY kitchen upgrades?

While your first thought might go to Home Depot and Lowes affiliate programs, they simply don’t offer good enough commissions.

You will only be able to earn around 2% for every sale, which is not great, especially when you have a better alternative.

Sign up for the Amazon Associates program and start promoting products like hardware and kitchen island posts.

Moreover, a niche site like this could attract plenty of relevant traffic. So, you should also leverage Pinterest’s audience.

Create eye-catching pins and redirect people from Pinterest to your blog.

The amount of traffic you can get on a DIY kitchen blog makes it ideal for display ads as well.

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Dirt Bike Newbie

dirt bike newbies niche site ideas

Dirt bike newbie niche site ideas

If you find dirt bikes interesting, you should definitely consider getting into this niche. It’s awesome!

Plus, there is a lot of potential here, especially because people haven’t covered enough topics around it.

Do a few quick basic questions searches and you will get an idea.

You could start a blog and answer the questions dirt bike newbies are asking.

Plus, there is a lot to be earned in affiliate commissions as well. The gear you can suggest isn’t very easy to find locally. And, it’s pretty expensive, which, of course, means that you will be getting a higher commission per sale.

Stitching and Knitting

stitching niche site ideas

Stitching niche site ideas

Stitching and knitting can be an incredibly lucrative niche idea, especially because there is a gap between supply and demand.

The skill has been growing in the past few years and there aren’t many people who are providing online coaching or lessons.

But, of course, this is one of those niches that need experience and skill. If you don’t know anything about stitching, you’d be fighting an uphill battle.

That said, if you are willing to learn yourself first, the doors are wide open. There are a lot of online resources that you can use.

Your audience in a stitching and knitting niche will mostly be females, but with a wide range of ages.

As far as monetization is concerned, create and sell an in-depth stitching course.

Start with email marketing and promote your services by offering high-quality helpful content first.

Once you gain good authority in the subject, create a course. An enthusiastic stitching and knitting learner won’t hesitate to buy it.

Hair Care

niche site ideas hair care

Haircare niche site ideas

There can be a lot of sub-niches in the hair care niche. You can create a site on hair health, hair styling, hair coloring, hair care tools, and more.

Many bloggers are successfully selling their own products in the grey hair niche as well.

Your audience would be pretty big here; anyone who wants to take care of their hair and look good.

You could suggest a lot of Amazon products to your audience, including hair supplements and styling tools.

Moreover, you could talk about the diet your audience should be consuming to keep their hair healthy and strong.

Printers and Scanners

niche site ideas printers and scanners

Printers and scanners niche site ideas

Printers and scanners are an overlooked sub-niche of computers. If you think you can talk about this relatively dry subject, it can be a great source of passive income for you.

Think about the people that would need a printer at home, at the office, or at a stationery shop.

After all, the is still a lot of demand for physical paper.

Your audience could also be writers, work-from-home people, and anyone who prefers hard copy over e-books and PDFs.

Workout from Home

workout from home niche site ideas

Workout from home niche site ideas

Thanks to the pandemic and our busy lifestyles, many people now prefer to do things in their homes.

Although gyms also aren’t losing their charm, not everyone can afford them.

There are a good number of people that just want to do exercise without the expensive equipment of the gym.

Think about the relatively inexpensive products you could recommend to such an audience.

  • Resistance bands
  • Exercise mats
  • Pull up bar
  • Dumbbells
  • Weight bench
  • And, more

You could also recommend diet plans for people who work out from home.

Backyard and Landscaping

backyard niche site ideas

Backyard and landscaping niche site ideas

Backyard is quite a broad topic that can cover anything from wood decks, grills, awnings, custom work, lawn care, and more.

A wide range of topics means that you can start with a particular sub-topic and turn your site into an authority over time.

Moreover, it’s an evergreen niche as there will always be people who would need to take care of their backyard or lawn.

So, any homeowner with a backyard space is in your target audience.

You could monetize this site with multiple affiliate programs, sell your own products, and build your email list.

Home Aquarium

home aquarium niche site ideas

Home aquarium niche site ideas

People with aquariums are generally pretty passionate about their setup and fish.

On a home aquarium niche site, you could talk about:

  • How to take care of the different types of fish effectively
  • How to keep an aquarium clean and healthy for fish
  • Different types of fish and aquariums
  • And, more

Moreover, your target audience includes anyone who likes fish and would want to keep fish as pets.

For monetization, you could offer digital products like e-books on taking care of different species of fish.

Home Repair

home aquarium niche site ideas

Home aquarium niche site ideas

This might look like a competitive niche, but niching down would do the trick. Plus, home repairs will always remain in demand.

There are a lot of people that don’t want to call a service every time something in their home needs fixing.

They want to figure out ways to fix their home stuff on their own. You could be their guide.

If you know about plumbing, start writing about different plumbing issues. You could also recommend different tools a plumbing job may require.

Similarly, there can be many other home repair sub-niches that you can work on and generate passive income.

Van Life

van life niche site ideas

Van life niche site ideas

More and more people are trying to spend time in nature. Some even take things to the next level and start living in their van.

If you have a van and can travel, covering the van life on a blog can be an ideal thing for you.

But, although experiencing something yourself before writing about it helps, you don’t have to live the van life yourself.

Moreover, there is no shortage of products that you can recommend to van life lovers.

Think about the things they would need on their travels.

  • Travel water bottles
  • Travel pillows
  • Blankets
  • Portable cylinders
  • Portable chargers
  • And, much more


gardening niche site ideas

Gardening niche site ideas

Gardening is a niche that has a pretty huge audience. Almost every other house has a garden.

You could talk about a lot of stuff and sell a lot of products on a gardening niche site.

The informational category can include:

  • How to take care of a garden in winters
  • When and how much water should be given to different plants
  • How to spruce up a garden
  • And, more

Moreover, there is a whole category of gardening tools on Amazon that you can recommend to your audience.

Sign up for Amazon Associates, link to those products on Amazon, and make affiliate commissions on autopilot.

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STEM Toys for Kids

STEM toys for kids niche site ideas

STEM toys for kids niche site ideas

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) toys are designed for kids to learn these important subjects in a fun way.

It’s easy to assume that most kids don’t take much interest in learning such subjects the traditional way.

STEM toys make the work of parents a lot easier.

Using these toys, kids can easily perform productive activities like solving puzzles, building robots, learning to code, and playing educational games.

It’s an ever-growing niche and your target market is always growing. But, of course, you need to make your content for their parents.

Because the keywords for this niche have a pretty high CPC, you can partner up with an ad platform and monetize your traffic.

Plus, of course, you can recommend, review, and link to a lot of kids' STEM games on Amazon as an affiliate and earn a recurring commission.

The model of this blog would be completely passive, however, it is a seasonal niche.

Gaming Keyboards and Mics

gaming keyboards niche site ideas

Gaming keyboards and mics niche site ideas

I don’t need to tell you that gaming is a pretty huge industry. And, although you might face some competition here, niching down will improve your chances of success.

Many gamers are desktop enthusiasts, so they definitely need a gaming keyboard that looks cool and performs well.

You could create a niche site around gaming keyboards and review different keyboards for the benefit of the gamers.

Moreover, mics are also a pretty hot product as multiplayer gaming continues to get more popular.

Your major earnings from this niche site would be from affiliate product reviews.

Gaming enthusiasts are willing to spend as much as $800 for a gaming keyboard, so you can rack up heavy commissions.

But, don’t just stop there; the traffic potential of this gaming sub-niche makes it suitable for display ads as well.

Ergonomic Chairs

ergonomic chairs niche site ideas

Ergonomic chairs niche site ideas

Ergonomic office and home chairs are only increasing in popularity, and there is nothing to worry about as far as competition is concerned.

The demand for comfortable chairs is only going to increase in the near future as more and more people start working from home.

And, it’s not like offices won’t need ergonomic, user-friendly chairs for their staff.

So, this can be a pretty profitable niche if you are willing to put in the work and time.

Although your target audience would be anyone who wants to sit in a comfortable chair, remote workers would want to read your content more.

Monetization on this one is obvious; talk about different chairs at different price points, link them to Amazon, and get a share of every sale.


self-education niche site ideas

Self-Education niche site ideas

Self-education is a booming industry, to say the least. People are starting to believe less in traditional education systems and flocking to the idea of educating themselves.

It’s one of the blessings the internet has bestowed upon human beings.

But, of course, everything comes with its drawbacks; misinformation and even incomplete information can lead to problems of all kinds.

Create a niche site that talks about how people can educate themselves the right way.

Share resources on different topics and make learning easier and fun for them.

There is a lot of earning potential in this niche as you can recommend all kinds of info and digital products to your audience.

And, everyone who wants to learn and grow is your target audience.

Moreover, because the traffic potential of such a site is huge, you can build a passive income source just by placing ads on your blog.

Teach English Online

teach English niche site ideas

Teach English niche site ideas

Around 1.4 million people from all over the globe invest in learning English every year.

And, almost the same number of people are currently studying the language.

You would agree that English is a universal communication language. Effective global communication requires the use of the English language.

So, until another language replaces English as an international language of business, a niche site around this idea can easily be a big success.

It would be decades before you could even think of replacing the English language though.

As for monetizing this site, partner up with native and qualified English teachers and sell their courses as an affiliate.

You could also work as an affiliate for products like Grammarly, online Thesaurus, and more.

Kids Debit Card

kids debit card niche site ideas

Kids debit card niche site ideas

Every kid should learn how to manage their finances in school, but there is no subject that could teach them that.

Today, developing money management skills is more important than ever.

You don’t have to do much to teach a kid how to manage their money.

Just give them access to their own debit card. This means the pocket money of a child goes into their bank account instead of the piggy bank.

The kids’ personal finance niche is a relatively new field, but gaining momentum.

Promoting debit cards for kids won’t be a problem. But, you want to steer clear of financial advice if you are not an expert because the niche falls under the YMYL (Your money your life) topics.

When you are not qualified to hand out financial advice, one of two things can happen (or both):

  1. You get a big fat ban from Google
  2. You get sued by somebody for giving them financial advice as an unqualified person

As far as monetizing a site like this is concerned, you can partner up with an affiliate program like Greenlight.

Moreover, as more and more banks and lenders see the growing potential of this industry, it wouldn’t be difficult to find similar offers.

Floor Pillows

Floor pillows niche site ideas

You probably don’t even know that floor pillows are a thing. The name of the product tells it all.

Floor pillows are large cushions or pillows that people place on the floor and sit on.

The nice thing is, they are a great affiliate product because of their high-end price.

A floor pillow can cost anywhere from around $40 to $220.

Another thing that might attract bloggers to this niche is its low competition on Google.

And, there are a decent number of searches around this niche as well.

So, how do you monetize a niche site around floor pillows?

The best way to make money from this site would be from affiliate programs like Wayfair, Bath & Beyond, and others.

You can easily get an affiliate commission of around 2% – 5% per sale from any affiliate program in this industry.

Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodels

Bathroom remodel niche site ideas

You’d agree that a bathroom in your home is a pretty busy place. Almost everything in a bathroom is exposed to water, steam, and heat.

It easily is one of the most remodel-worthy places in any household.

Moreover, the search trend seems to suggest that the bathroom remodeling industry will keep on growing.

Plus, the CPC of the seed keyword tells us that a site like this would be great for display advertising.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a sustainable affiliate income from it. You can find multiple affiliate programs and promote products like:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Sinks
  • Toiles
  • And, more

You could even partner up with local businesses like bathroom remodelers and plumbers.

Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal niche site ideas

Garbage disposal niche site ideas

A niche like garbage disposal can be pretty profitable because it’s easy to overlook, has a lot of potential, and is obviously in demand.

Many households have trouble with garbage disposal maintenance. You could talk about that on your blog. Plus, cover topics like repair, fittings, and reviews.

A garbage disposal unit generally costs anywhere from $50 to up to $800, so there is a good commission up for grabs too.

Plus, the commission rates for a kitchen niche can be up to 7%.

Knife Set

Knife set niche site ideas

Here is a kitchen sub-niche that is often overlooked by most affiliates.

Every home has a kitchen that needs at least a single set of knives.

And, guess what? It’s made of steel, so you need to replace it sometime.

While a basic knife set can cost as low as $50, the price can be as high as $200, and even more.

Then there are affiliate programs that pay a generous affiliate commission of up to 20% on every affiliate sale.

CutLuxe is a good example.

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Water Filters

A glass of water being poured into a glass Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Water filters niche site ideas

More than 99% of earth’s water is unusable for most living things including human beings.

The alarming statistic is only going to get worse if humans don’t do something substantial about this clean water conundrum.

What this means is that you have an opportunity to provide the solution. You don’t have to invent anything though.

Just promote the already-present solutions; introduce the solution to the people that might need it.

You could talk about different ways to filter water and make it safe for drinking.

This can also include reviewing water filter jugs and water filtration systems.

That said, there is some competition in this niche; so, niching down would be the right way to get started.

Recommending affiliate products can earn you up to 20% commission, but, you don’t have to stick to affiliate marketing.

The potential for display ads is also great because it’s a burning issue and will continue to be so for an indefinite amount of time.


fishing niche site ideas

Fishing niche site ideas

Fishing fans are willing to spend a lot of money on their gear. They don’t shy away from having the best experience possible.

And, this means that you can easily have them buy a $500 fishing rod with your review.

As far as monetizing this niche site is concerned, the majority of your revenue would probably come from affiliate sales.

You could help people get the right fly fishing rods, deep water rods, and beach casting rods, among others.

Moreover, if you are a fishing fan yourself, or want to learn about it, you could talk about fishing in general.

So, even though a fishing site might seem a micro-niche with limited potential for content, it can cover a lot of things.


Pre-workout niche site ideas

This is a relatively obscure sub-niche of health and fitness. It covers pre-workout supplements, drinks, advice, snacks, and more.

Although this niche might look too narrow, there is plenty of informational and commercial content that you can produce.

And, you don’t have to stick to pre-workout either. Once you build your authority with Google, you can expand your site to post-workout as well.

You could talk about what diet to consume before and after workouts and review a variety of supplements as an Amazon affiliate.

Solar Panels

solar panel niche site ideas

Solar panels niche site ideas

Solar panels can be pretty cost-effective in the long run when compared to traditional electricity.

Plus, they are the only solution for people who travel with their gear and gadgets.

Thankfully, solar panels come in a variety of capacities and sizes. Portable solar panels are a pretty hot niche right now.

The best thing? This niche overlaps with multiple other niches, including van life, survivalism, camping, and more.

Plus, let’s be honest. The power demand is never going to subside. And, solar panels seem to be the only way forward as the earth’s resources continue to run out.

As for monetizing a solar panel blog, there are a lot of products to promote. You could promote solar kits, portable solar panels, solar panels for gadgets, solar panels for rooftops, and more.

Moreover, the cost of products is high and affiliate commissions are good.

Sleep Quality

sleep quality niche site ideas

Sleep quality niche site ideas

A lot of people live with stress and don’t do anything about it, which leads to sleep problems. And, lack of sleep then worsens their stress. The cycle continues!

Moreover, many people have a hard time sleeping because their mattress or bedding isn’t right.

As a blogger, there is a lot to talk about around sleep issues. You could give tips and techniques to help people get better quality sleep.

Plus, you could promote different products like mattresses, bedding, sleeping aids, white noise equipment, and more.

This site would have a good earning potential from affiliate marketing and display ads.

Air Quality

air quality

Air quality niche site ideas

We are faced with critically diminishing air quality, which manifests in the form of many breathing ailments.

Many people want to breathe in cleaner, healthier air, but they don’t know how to do that.

With a niche site like this, you can help your audience improve their surrounding air quality.

Plus, people that already need breathing aids would need guidance and product recommendations.

You could promote affiliate products like air purifiers, inhalers, filters, and more.

Moreover, it’s a burning issue and people want to know the solutions. So, a site like this is a good candidate for display ads as well.

Fancy Watches

fancy watches

Fancy watches niche site ideas

There is a particular type of audience that likes to wear expensive watches to fulfill their esteem needs.

The nice thing about a niche site like this is: The products are pretty expensive, which translates to higher affiliate commissions for you.

You could write about different watches with different features and unique looks; this would be an ideal affiliate niche site.

Motivational and Inspirational Content


Motivational and Inspirational Content niche site ideas

Today, we need motivation more than ever. People that have gone through tough times can be a great inspiration for others that are facing similar life events.

If you think your life story can provide inspiration, tell it to the struggling world.

Create a blog that talks about great books, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

You could even partner up with other content creators as an affiliate.

The traffic potential is great, which is why a blog like this would be a good candidate for display ads as well.



Meditation niche site ideas

A lot of people out there would like to alleviate their stresses and anxieties through natural ways like meditation.

Meditation is one of the best natural ways to have a calmer state of mind.

But, no matter how hard they try, some people just can’t stay consistent with their meditation tasks.

A niche blog about helping people achieve a calmer state of mind through meditation has tremendous traffic potential.

This makes this niche site a perfect candidate for display advertising.

Non Profits


Non-profits niche site ideas

A lot of people out there have a burning desire to help humanity in any way they can.

They want to contribute to society and help the have-nots access the basic facilities of life.

But, many of those don’t know where to start and how to get going.

A blog like this would be a great resource for such people.

Final Thoughts

These were the niche site ideas that you can get started with right now, but, be careful while choosing your niche.

The success of your niche blog depends majorly on its subject.

There are countless cases where bloggers put in a lot of work for several months in a blog only to find out later that the topic wasn’t right.

That said, you also want to steer clear of analysis paralysis. See if the niche ticks all the boxes and go for it with full zeal.

Ask yourself:

  • Does it have enough demand?
  • How competitive is it?
  • If you want to write the content yourself, does the topic interest you?


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